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Kushies Ultra Cloth Diapers - Toddler

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Daddy's Favorite Diaper


The Kushies Ultra Cloth Diapers were my husband's favorite cloth diaper.  They are an All In One diaper, which means the diaper is all contected together, ready to put on as soon as it have been washed- no stuffing or extra covers needed.  This diaper is very easy to use.  Simply put it on like a disposable diaper.  The Kushies Ultra Cloth Diapers come in cute prints and pastels that are all gender nuetral.  This is a nice feature if you have ever had concern arount putting your little boy into pink diapers.  I had girls first, so when it came to diapers I had a lot of pink by the time my little boy was born.  It was nice to not have to worry about that with my Kushies diapers.  The outter fabric is a viyl.  It is not very soft or pliable, but it never seemed to bother my children as they wore them.  It does not wick like a PUL fabric can.  The inner is not as absorbant as some other diapers, but with a cotton liner it easily lasted a resanable aount of time.   Comfort The outside is a little crunchy, not as smooth as PUL diapers. Absorbency I always used these with the booster that is also sold by Kushies.


Richmond, VA


We love Kushies!


I am a mom to 7 children. We used cloth diapers mostly on all of them. With the youngest two we found the Kushies diapers. They were wonderful as we didn't need a separate cover with the diaper. They were very absorbent, at night sometimes I would put in an extra soaker if the child had a lot to drink. Otherwise they rarely leaked. They come in cute designs. Kushies are wonderful for people that don't really do cloth diapers. They are just like a disposable with the velcro on them. It was easy for anyone to help change cloth diaper. They washed up really well. I was able to purchase them and used them through two children, so they are extremely economical. If this is your first time with cloth diapers, I'd recommend Kushies as they are easy to use, easy to clean and economical.  Depending on how often you'd like to wash, I'd start with at least 12 diapers if washing daily, or up to 36 for washing a couple times a week.


Spring Hill, FL


An OK cloth diaper.


I have used several cloth diapers on my daughter, and Kushies is the brand I have been most disappointed in.  I have some Kushies diapers, but they are the very, VERY last diapers I use on my daughter.  For whatever reason, the fabric inside the diaper seems to disagree with her skin.  i don't know if it is a sensitivity on her part, or if it is simply rough, cheap fabric in the diaper.  Whatever it is, I cannot leave her in a Kushies diaper for very long.  I have to be very careful to change her often or she will end up with a rash.  This does not happen with her other diapers, so I tend to use the Kushies while her good diapers are in the wash.  Also, the velcro has not held up well at all.  In fact, I just replaced the loop across the front of all her Kushies diapers.  Some of the loop had completely come off!  I have not used these diapers for more than 4 months, and they are already falling apart.  I would strongly recommend buying better qualitiy diapers--these were largely a waste of money.


Knoxville, TN


Kushies Ultra Cloth Diapers are cheap for a reason


I mostly use pockets but thought the Kushies Ultra Diaper was a good price so I got one.  The diaper is funny looking and reminds me of a Depends!  It is not a good fit for my child.  The material on the outside is stiff and cheap feeling.  The diaper is very bulky as well. The inside also feels stiff and looks to be uncomfortable. There is an odd shaped pocket that I would not even try to stuff with a liner because it would not fit.  The diaper has held up through a few washes (which surprised me because the matching wet bag did not).  The diaper takes a long time to dry (I line dry mine inside) but this is common with AIOs.  Although it appears it is affordable, it really is not, because this diaper hardly ever gets used. The only reason I would give a star is because there are cute prints to chose from.  This is not a cloth diaper that I will be or have ever recommended to family or friends.


Fort Worth, TX


They go on just like a disposable diaper, and since they are AIO


I decided to try out cloth diapers, to save some money. I started out with kushies, and I love them! They go on just like a disposable diaper, and since they are AIO (all in one) you do not need any extra covers, or liners. Just toss them in the washer and there good as new! They are so cute and easy to use on my son.


Levittown, PA


Usable, but not the best cloth diaper on the market


I received these used online so I know mine are well "loved". They are our least favorite cloth diapers that we own, but we still use them. We just pray he doesnt poop or have a soaker diaper as that would mean an entire clothes change for him. The are extreemly hard to stuff an extra liner, so hard infact that we have begun to just set them under the "tounge" that the diaper has. They are also very stiff, we do not put them in the dryer, so that could be becuase they are line dryed, but I wouldn't want to wear them. My son however doesn't seem to care. I do like how they have cute charator options and they are a bit better priced than some other all-in-one systems.  The price was right for us, so I am glad we have them, but we also use Bum Genius and prefolds with a thirsties cover and snappi. I also like how some other diapers have the snaps so they grow with you child. These diapers do not have that feature.


Kalamazoo, MI


Just love the cloth like feel. Great for a baby bottom


** I just love  the kushies cloth diapers they are perfect for the baby bottoms. Its like cloth like to the touch. I just know my baby bottom is protected with the cloth like kushies diaper. Its wonderful babies of all ages. Ithe feel of the cloth is a  amazing. i really like these kushies diapers for all babbies. i am goin to be given these diaper to friends at the baby showers. or for everyday recommendation to all the ladies that i enjoy having around. kusshies are very perfect for all family. They are afforable in the budget and there are very heavy duty to the use of the potty. I buy kushies diaper by the blk because i just love them for my babies and friends babies. Kushies diapers are the nice cloth like feel. A great feel for the babies. The ultra feel like cloth but perfect for a baby bootom. I am glad to ahve my baby wearing the best cloth like feel for my baby diaper. my family will be using these cloth like feel diaper in the near future. I just love kushies feel and look. They are great!!!!!!!**


Atlanta, GA


Rubbed my children raw


I have used MANY cloth diapers in my years of raising chidlren.  I started cloth diapering when my son was almost three and my other two were two and newborn.  This was by far the worst diaper I ever used.  Not just because of the fit, material, and quality, but because of how they rubbed my daughters thighs and belly raw. These diapers are not great quality although they are relatively cheap considered to other cloth diapers out there.  The diapers are not a good fit as teh crotch portion is very wide and doesn't allow the child to close their legs together due to the bulk in between their legs. When I used these on my daughter, about a week, they would rub aaround her thighs and waist.  The outer, waterproof material, is extremely course and firm.  Because of this material it rubbed her raw and I had to instantly change my cloth diapers to something that would not cause this problem. Overall, I would not recommend this item to another mom.


Wayne, MI


Unfortunatley a diaper that might put people off cloth diapering


We have used a lot of different cloth diapers and find a lot have different advantages and disadvantages and overall it comes down to personal preference and your child. However, there wasn't one thing we liked about the Kushies Ultra All In One diapers. As a general idea, these are an all in one diaper, so no cover is need, just one piece with the absobent layers and the water proof outer layers. First of all, the outer waterproof layer is the toughest material I've seen on a cloth diapers, it isn't the typical poly urethane laminate of polyester fabric (PUL), it is tough to the point of being able to dig into the skin. The way the legs are designed the waterproof layer has to tuck in against the skin to prevent leaks. The inside is a cotton, but no stay dry layer to keep baby feeling dry, also the way the elastic is sewn for the legs makes it a horrible fit. This diaper is very high in the rise, so much so that I found it very difficult to get it up high enough to not have a gap around the legs! The closure is velcro and the laundry tabs don't work well, so you wind up with these diapers attached to each other in the wash! we had nothing but leaks out the legs no matter what we did. Save yourself the money and the aggrevation and get a good cloth diaper, even if they cost a bit more, it is worth it!


Champaign, IL


Kushies Ultra Cloth Diapers - Toddler

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