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Kumho Power Grip (KC11) Tire

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Kumho Power Grip (KC11) Tire


These tires really surprised us. When we bought these the brand Kumho was new to us, but they have been very good tires. We bought the "power grip" brand for the simple fact we assumed they would grip the roads better, they didn't disappoint. We drive on many different types of road surfaces; they performed well on all of them. Whether we would be driving in the rain on muddy dirt roads or going down rocky hillsides these tires gripped the surfaces. There was no sliding or slipping inthe rain, mud, or rocks which we were amazed at. When it came to the sleet, snow, and ice seasons we hoped we would have the same power grip with these tires, and they continued to do the same excellent job. They held the road in blizzard like snow. We even found these tires to attempt to grip on the ice! We did find that they held much better on the snow and ice than regular tires did. For us the power grip made a huge difference in control in difficult weather conditions. We have been very happy with them. Whether it has been rain, downpouring rain, snow sleet, or ice these have done the job. We felt they did more than we were told and promised by the people at the store. There were no surprises in terms of the ability of the tire. We would recommend these tires to anyone who would be in need of tires that hold a surface well. We would definitely tell friends and family to try them.



Kumho Power Grip (KC11) Tire

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