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Kryolan Anti Shine Powder

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Kryolan Anti Shine - Good Face Powder,But Not Enough Oil Control


I tried this powder several months ago, and I do like it - but it didn't stop the shine as much as I'd hoped.  Seeing that this was intended for stage performers under hot lights, I though it would be better in the oil control department.  It doesn't keep my face matte for more than about an hour. I've also tried the MAC blot, and at least the Kryolan does out-perform MAC, and is much more cost effective.  A few weeks ago I found a similar one called Mattify! Ultra (it's also a white transparent powder) and am liking it better than the Kryolan because it absorbs oil for a longer time and goes on more sheer, with no white residue. The Kryolan doesn't work for multiple applications because it makes the face look a bit too white. It's best when applied right after your foundation.  Then, I'd suggest using a colored powder over the top to minimize any whiteness. Probably works better for those with combination skin than for those with very oily skin.

Escanaba, MI


Kryolan Anti Shine Powder

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