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Krylon H20 Latex Spray Paint

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Great coverage spray paint!


I am constantly in the middle of a do it yourself project around the house, and am always looking for bright colors ot spruce up old pieces of furniture or rocks or what have you. It seemed likt I was running out of color choices until a few months ago when I ran across this Krylon h2o Latex paint and was amazed at the many different colors they had in the store. After deciding on two colors to test out the paint before I went hog wild, I got home and went to work painting a dresser with these two colors. I was a little skeptical at first, but then I started spraying the dresser with them and was amazed by two things right off the bat- the vibrancy of the colors and how well it covered. These are probably the first two most important things when I am deciding on a paint. This Krylon h2o spray paint far exceeds any other paint that I have ever used. It has now been a couple months sice I bought those first two cans of spray paint and that dresser is still just as bright as it was when I first painted it. I have also since bought many more colors of this paint and used it on many more projects. I won't buy any other brand of spray paint for DIY projects anymore and have been satisfied with the results each and every time. I totally recommmend this spray paint to any DIY-er looking for something bright and long lasting!



Makes the job easy!


I used Krylon H20 Latex Spray Paint a few months back to give touch up on a few things around the house. The best thing about this paint is that it is eco-conscious and is made up of water base unlike other paints. I used it on small things around the house (mainly decorations and glass jars) to beautify and give them a new look and yes, I managed to do it. It needed two coats of the paint but it turned out really well. Shake and spray throughout, it works the best this way. It takes very less time to dry , about 15 minutes and one hour to touch. Clean up is easy too, all you need is water and soap, which is actually awesome, no harmful chemicals are needed. The other thing is, it has low odor, despite of which I made sure to open the windows while I was working. Overall, I was happy with my purchase and would try to use this paint on different material, to see how it works. One thing is for sure, the end product looks like the job has been done by a professional!



Stick with the Classic


Krylon is known for their spray paint. They have been around for several years, and have been the leader in the spray paint business. A few years ago, they came out with a new version of spray paint, that was water based as opposed to solvent. This new product was a swing and a miss. Where this product goes wrong is that it does not apply smoothly. I have tried a couple of different cans, and have even contacted Krylon directly. I was told to shake the cans longer, and to continuously shake them throughout the process. It was also suggested that I soak the cans in warm water for several minuets before using them. I tried both, and neither one produced better results. Typically, the paint comes out very stringy, similar to silly string. It tends to glop on instead of lay down evenly. This makes for a very unprofessional finish. Another limitation of this product, is that it is only available in a few standard colors. Overall, it's nice to see Krylon trying out new methods, but this one still needs more time at the drawing board. Quality I'm sure Krylon used good quality products, but the overall final appearance is very poor. Durability It's hard to rate this, because the project I used this on, I quickly sanded down, and reapplied with their oil based product. Coverage It covers fairly well, but it tends to glop on the product instead of building a fine layer. Ease of Appliation I could never get this product to look right. Too stringy, and uneven build.



So easy to use!


I recently used this for a project at home, and I was so pleased with how this paint worked.  It was easy to use.  The can is easy to hold and the nozzle worked well.  It did not clog.  The paint covered well without clumping or running.  It dried quickly and had a nice sheen to it.  The paint job looked very nice and not at all amateur.  I used it on an old metal tractor, and it looked like new once I was finished.  The price is inexpensive.  It had the same strong fumes as any other spray paint product, so of course it needs to be used outdoors.  It has held up well over time too.  My son plays pretty hard with his tractor, and the paint has not chipped, faded or rubbed off onto hands or clothes.  I was so thrilled with how this product allowed me to easily transform an old toy into a new looking one.  I will definitely be using this again in the future for more projects and would definitely recommend it to others!

Lagrange, OH


The best solution for quick and easy decorating!


I love Krylon's H20 Latex Spray Paint. This eco-conscious spray paint delivers a super premium finish and cleans up easy with soap and water. I can use it to freshen up the kids' things in their room, items around the house and just all the little things that are starting to look like they have passed their prime. It protects against nicks and chips, indoors and out; Contributes 55% less to smog pollution than most solvent-based spray paints. It's non-toxic and low odor.  . I just used it to repaint our catch-all in the main bathroom. This little holder gets all-day, everyday use holding brushes, band-aids, and whatever else ends up in the bathroom without a permanent home. I was so pleased with the end result. It had a bright, smooth finish. This paint is also very low odor so it can be sprayed indoors and dries quickly! I mostly use the white because it looks cleaner and goes with everything.  Dry to touch in 15 minutes. Dry to handle in 1 hour. For use with: Wood, Metal, Wicker, Glass, Craft Foam, Plaster, Ceramic, Fabric, Paper, and Paper Mache, dried and Silk Flowers.

Marysville, CA


Krylon H20 Latex Spray Paint

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