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Krylon Exterior Semi-Transparent Wood Stain

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Krylon's Wood Stain is so easy to use and even fun to use!


This year our deck furniture needed to be re-stained.  So I asked my husband to go out and buy the "regular" stain we usually use.  However, when he was out shopping, he came across **Krylon's Exterior Wood Stain**...basically wood stain in a spray paint can. It was so easy to use and saved us tons of money and time compared to the usual wood stain we use.  The best part was that even I could use it and I am probably the least handy person you could meet. This spray-on stain was so much easier to use than brush on because it could get into the small crevices.  Also, there is a 360 degree spray tip that moves so you can spray at different angles.  Whoever thought that spraying my deck furniture would be so fun!?  Also, the dry time was really fast- the can says 15 minutes or less but we waited longer just to be safe. P.S. We used the "Honey" color which came out beautiful! My husband wasn't sure if the color would come out the color on the cap, but it was pretty darn close. Highly recommended!!

Los Angeles, CA


Krylon Exterior Semi-Transparent Wood Stain

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