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Cookie Dough
Krusteaz Bakery Style Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix

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My cookies smelled and tasted like plastic.


I was extremely disappointed when I dumped the Krusteaz cookie mixture into a mixing bowl and was welcomed by an extremely overwhelmingly potent odor. That odor smelled exactly like the box and the plastic the mix was wrapped in. I decided to give it a try hoping for the best, but the cookies were outright awful. They even tasted like plastic!!! Absolutely disgusting... never buying any of their products again.



Tastes like homemade!


Krusteaz chocolate chunk cookie mix tastes amazing-like you worked all day in the kitchen baking from scratch! I bought a box of this to make with my 7 year old niece. She actually did all of the work-I supervised, and they turned out so perfectly. She could not believe how good they were! They had a great soft and chewy texture (you could bake them longer if you like crunchy cookies but we love them soft!). The chips tasted great-you could really taste the chocolate. The texture was great too. Everyone was impressed with them. I think they are my favorite dry chocolate chip cookie mix!



So Yummy


Got this mix on sale and gave it a try-my family loved it! The cookies came out tasting homemade and delicious. The box makes 3 dozen and they were gone within two days! Yummy buttery flavor and super easy to make. I'm hooked-love them!

Hamilton, OH


Krusteaz Chocolate Chunk Cookie MIx tastes as good as homemade.


Krusteaz Chocolate Chunk Cookie mix is great, its so easy and the cookies taste as good as homemade.  They are quick to bake and you can make any size you want.  Bake just until light brown for soft cookies with a bit of a chewy texture.

Novato, CA


Krusteaz Bakery Style Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix

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