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Krups IL Caffe Duomo Espresso and Coffee Machine

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Great coffee maker!


I love this coffee maker & espresso machine! It was a wedding gift almost 10 years ago and it is still working great! It is very well made and a very durable coffee maker. We mainly use it for the espresso and have been very happy with it over the years. Our coffee is always consistently great and I love being able to steam the milk to go with my espresso. The coffee brews pretty quickly and the machine is easy to take apart and clean. The removeable parts can all go in the dishwasher, which makes cleaning quick and easy. We have not had any parts break or had any issues with it whatsoever. Definitly worth the money, because it lasts a long time!


Naperville, IL


Solid coffee maker still going strong!


This has been my one and only coffee maker for the past seven years and seems to be still going strong. The unit gets daily use and is easy to use and consistently makes quality coffee with very little clean up. It's easy to keep clean and doesn't take up too much space. The espresso side gives another option, which is nice. The one negative I can think of is every so often the pot will brew slowly and leak a little. But we're talking once every 2-3 months that seems to happen. That and no automatic shut off. This is a high quality coffee maker and I don't think was overly expensive. Try not to break the carafe though. It's not as easy to replace as you'd think it would be!


Mount Dora, FL


Krups Coffee/Espresso Maker


I love this machine. I am on my second machine in 10 years. Coffee first thing in the morning is my routine and this machine never fails me. It consistantly provides me with good coffee (good beans in, excellent coffee out) quickly and at good temperature. The pressurized portion of the machine I don't use that often but for the size and function of the whole unit, it beats having two separate machines. The espresso maker heats up quickly and the basket handle seals well. I can steam milk without much fuss for company's coffee preferences and clean up is so easy. The whole unit is easy to keep clean, wasn't too expensive and has lasted me longer than a few tea kettles. The down side is the carafe will drip if not held at a certain angle when pouring and the plastic lid on the water reservoir does allow for steam to escape so I have a mark on my wall from the heat but it could be the wall's fault. (Previous owner's handymanwork). Overall the product is very good and I will gladly buy a third when I need to, if I can find one. Brew Performance Very Good. Use quality beans freshly ground and appropriate filter size and you will get a cup that rivals barista's talents. Water heated to temperature that releases flavor without burning. Ease of Cleaning Black textured material will hide smudges and coffee drips between weekly wipe down. Brew basket can be lifted out with water reservoir lid lifted, easily replaced after washing in hot water. No hard to reach areas for cleaning and not difficult to figure out where pieces go if taking apart for more thorough cleaning. Ease of Use Swing out basket, fill with filter and freshly ground beans, fill reservoir with appropriate amount of water and flip switch on bottom. Lit indicator lets you know whether unit is on or not for both brewing and steaming functions, only complaint is switch can sometimes be accidentally flipped on if something is placed in front of unit but again, light lets me know if unit is on. Also small click from unit heating metal warming plate so I get clued to turn unit off if forgotten and left on. Design I like that unit is smaller size, doesn't take up much counter space. Side by side functions make it easy to produce cappuccinos or lattes, and not many pieces to gather for cleaning. Durability As stated before, this is my second Krupps in ten years. I don't even remember why I had to replace the first unit. I use it daily, sometimes twice in a day and never have to worry about checking on it to see if it is working. Plastic has not warped with continual use, carafe is glass and will break, but so far have not had to replace it.


Portland, OR


my favorite coffee maker ever!


This Krups II Caffe Duomo coffee maker is a awesome coffee maker. It's a side by side espresso and caffe maker. So, it can make your regular coffee and can also make espresso. I personally have never used the espresso maker. Friends of mine have and it worked wonderfully for them. I am just as happy with regular coffee so I didn't bother learning how to work the espresso side. My friends seemed to think it was pretty easy and straight forward, so I'm taking their word for it. I was so happy with this coffee maker that I bought a used second one and my husband took it to his work for them to use there. Mine is black, I don't know if they come in other colors, but I like black. It's quiet and works very well. There aren't any fancy clocks or timers. Just an on/off switch for the coffee side and one for the expresso side as well. It's easy to take apart and clean.  All in all, I'm very happy with it!


Bothell, WA


The Krups Caffe Duomo is decent for the price


I have had the Krups Caffe Duomo for several years now, and I use it daily (sometimes several times a day). Overall, I would reccomend this product. It is still going strong after many, many uses, and I would say that it is high quality for the price. It is one of the more affordable espresso makers you can find. Plus, I like that it is a combo with the coffee maker, rather than having 2 separate appliances. The downside is that when I steam milk for lattes, the first drink never gets hot enough. I always have to microwave it. Any subsequent drinks I make are always plenty hot. I have discovered it seems to work better to make one drink at a time. In spite of this, I still think this appliance is a great deal and would reccomend it.


Austin, TX


7 years old and still making amazing coffee!


This coffee and espresso maker makes the most amazing coffee! Seriously, it brews slow enough to allow the water to surround the coffee grounds and enrich every drop of water that flows through. It is an exceptional coffee maker that is now 7 years old and still making the best coffee I've ever had. The espresso is terrific as well but I depend on the coffee every morning to get me going so it is wonderful to know that I have a product I can depend on to make exceptional coffee each and every day. It enriches the quality of my mornings! You will not be disappointed.


Alexandria, VA


Krups IL Caffe Duomo Espresso and Coffee Machine

4.5 6