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Krups Burr Mill Coffee Grinder GVX2

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Great value


I received this product to review from Krups. Having never used a burr grinder before, I was pleased with the speed and effectiveness of the machine. The dials are easy to set, but I found the labeling on the front of the grinder much more difficult to read than those on the side. Also, it was very loud. However, I liked the different grinds it produced and thought it was well-priced and attractive.



I love this coffee grinder.


I've had two blade grinders in the past and didn't find them as durable as this. My first blade grinder broke a blade and got demoted to spice grinder. The plastic lid on the second one cracked and I had to hold my hand over it just so to prevent bean dust from flying out the new opening. This is a sturdier grinder that is most practical to keep out on the counter all the time instead of putting it in and out of a cabinet - plan on counter space for it if you use it daily. Features I like - you don't have to premeasure the beans. Just dump a bunch into the hopper and set the level to as many cups as you want to brew. That's great for people like me who otherwise would eyeball it and not get consistent results. Also - consistent grind size, which you'd probably get with any burr style grinder. Features I dislike - I have a hard time getting the lid off the chamber the grounds land in and pouring the grind from the chamber to the coffee pot without making a little bit of a mess on the counter. Also, there's a safety feature that prevents the beans from grinding if the lid isn't tightly on, and sometimes coffee dust prevents that from working right and I have to press on the lid while it grinds - if I let go it shuts off even if it isn't done, then I don't know how much still needs to be ground. Overall, I like it though.

Sterling Heights, MI


Not the best grinder


The grinder works just fine but the problem that I have with the grinder are the settings for how how coarse/fine the grounds are. The fine grounds are almost too fine for espresso but the coarse grounds are too fine for drip coffee. There doesn't seem to be the perfect setting for either one (which are the only 2 kinds of coffee that I make).



Not as good as we had hoped.


This grinder was a disappointment.  While it grinds the coffee with less heat than a traditional blade grinder and can produce a fine grind, it also produces a lot of dust to go along with it.  (In fact this grinder seemed to crush/smash the beans more than grind them.  Imagine crushing or smashing the beans with a hammer or rock and the dust that would create...) This dust can give your coffee a bitter taste.  So, while you may have read, as I did, that a burr grinder will get you closer to an amazing cup of coffee or espresso, I would not recommend this particular burr grinder for that job.  I am on a quest for espresso or coffee as I tasted it in Italy.  The more research I do I find that it is all about the grinder and this one just did not produce the kind of cup I was looking for.  I am now saving towards a really nice conical burr grinder and I will be doing my research before I purchase another one.  I did not do enough research before purchasing the Krups burr grinder and we ended up taking it back to the store from which we purchased it.  If you are on a search for a great cup of espresso save your pennies and buy a really great, albeit more expensive, grinder that does the job. 

Newberg, OR


I love my grinder!


We got this grinder when I worked at Starbucks. This is a great grinder for your home. It keeps the beans on top and grinds them when you press the button. You can adjust how many cups you grind and how coarse or fine you want the grounds. This is nice because you can grind one batch for french press (coarse), the next for espresso (fine) and the next for your reguar drip coffee brewer. This is probably my favorite feature. We owned another coffee grinder before this one (Melita) which seemed nice, but the grounds were always getting stuck in the opening to the grounds container. We have not had one problem with that with this grinder. It comes with a little brush to brush grounds out of the blade area. Sometimes a bean particle will get stuck in the crack between where the beans are held in the mill and where the lid goes on. If this happens, the grinder will not grind. The simple solution is to take the enclosed brush and "sweep" that semi circle around and up. Usually the first time frees any particles and then it grinds wonderfully again.

Onalaska, WI


Not bad...but not perfect


I got the  **Krups GVX2-12 Burr Grinder ** as a gift for Christmas 2008, so I've had plenty of use by now (7/09). I wanted a burr grinder for two main reasdons - 1) for improved flavor since burr grinders don't run as hot as blender type grinders. When grinders get hot, it burns off some of the essential oils from the coffee beans which can result in diminished, as well as more bitter, flavor of your brewed coffee. 2) I like to brew "cold press" and French press coffee, both of which require a more coarse grind. Getting a consistent coarse grind using a blender type grinder is extremely difficult, if not impossible.The **Krups GVX2-12 Burr Grinder **works great for regular automatic drip brewing. I definitely get a more robust full-bodied cup that is not bitter or burnt tasting. As for the coarse grinding capability - it leaves a bit to be desired. While it does work for my French press & cold pressed brewing, I still find that I get quite a bit of very fine grounds even on the most coarse setting available on the machine. It isn't a deal killer, but anyone who has tried to clean out fine grounds from a french press will understand that this is far from ideal. The combination of price to performance, however, makes me a little more accepting of this relatively minor flaw.If you are looking for a reasonably priced well performing burr grinder for a wonderful cup of automatic brew drip coffee I would wholeheartedly endorse the **Krups GVX2-12 Burr Grinder.**

Naperville, IL


Krups Burr Mill Coffee Grinder GVX2

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