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Krups 848-70 \ 848-42 Aqua Control Cordless Electric Kettle

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Tea in seconds, I love it!


Mom mom left me one of these when she moved out. I had never really considered using it, just because. I am supposed to drink a cup of Fennel Greek tea each night to help with some GI problems I have, but I don't. Boiling water is just too time consuming, lol. Last night I was looking at the teas we received in a starbucks gift basket. They sounded good, so I decided to try them. I also remembered we still had this thing, so I figured I should see how well it really works. I've never really seen it in action. I cleaned it out, filled it up and turned it on. Within a few seconds I heard a bubbling coming from the inside. I thought to myself It can't possibly be boiling already? Can it? But sure enough, it was boiling! Tea in seconds! This will encourage me to drink that fennel tea nightly. I am so excited! Plus I have those cute tea cups with the porcelain infusers, I love those cups.


Center of the Earth, CA


Krups 848-70 \ 848-42 Aqua Control Cordless Electric Kettle

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