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Krups 5-Speed Blender

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Great Look, but fails ice crushing test!


The blender appealed to me because of the Brand and the look. However, when I arrived home ready to make some Strawberry Daiquiri's the motor started to smell like it was burning when it was time to crush the Ice. As a rule I love Krups however this was a real let down for me. The Blender was priced at 129.99 and I expected a little higher quality. The blender works well for other things like milkshakes, smoothies and things like that but when it comes to Ice its motor just doesn't hold up.

Springfield, MO


The Krups Blender does the job!


The Krups blender does a great job making smoothies and milkshakes. It easily crushes ice into an icy smoothie. It also blends frozen or fresh fruit into a smooth. I get a little frustrated when it comes time to pour the blended items out of the blender. The "spout" doesn't direct the puree/smoothie out of the blender when I try to pour it. It tends to flow over the entire edge instead of channeling through the pouring spout/area. The rubber seal on the bottom of the blender quit holding a strong seal not long after we bought it. So, it leaks out the bottom slightly. But, in spite of these little frustrations, I am happy with how the Krups Blender performs. It does a great job as a blender, and would be great all around with a few improvements.

Nampa, ID


Krups blender handles everyday use and easy to clean.


I absolutely love the Krups Blender! I like to have a protein shake every morning as well as a frozen margarita on the weekends. This blender is able to do it all! We had gone through a couple of blenders in the last two years and they wouldn't hold up. So we decided to spend a little more money and bought this one. It is very easy to use and makes my shakes in no time. It only takes a minute to assemble it- you just have to make sure you have the bottom on tight or it will leak. It's dishwasher safe and also very easy to take apart and clean by hand. This is a blender that works well but also looks good. So if you have it sitting on your countertop as a permanent fixture (like mine practically is) it won't be an eyesore. The only negative I could come up with is that I have found that I need to make sure I have enough liquid in the blender when I am using ice. For some reason if I don't have a lot of liquid, it has a harder time crushing the ice. But overall, this blender is the best I've used by far!

Hutchinson, KS


Kitchen workhorse, buy it and love it!


Received the Krups blender as a holiday gift, and loved it from the first use. Capacity is 60 ounces for thick mixtures and 50 ounces for very liquid mixtures. The container is huge! This blender is awesome. It crushes ice like no blender I've ever used before in my 30 years of cooking. You'll make the best frozen drinks in your neighborhood! I've pureed soups in this blender and had them turn out wonderfully. The cord stores inside the metal base making your counter look tidier when using this blender. It's very easy to clean.  

Vestal, NY


Krups 5-Speed Blender

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