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4-Slice Toasters
Krups 4-Slice Toaster

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The Krups 4-slice is a pretty solid toaster


My favorite feature is the lever on the front that allows you to raise the toast higher out of the slot than most toaster. It's much better than reaching in to retrieve your toast. The toaster is a bit slower than I would expect, but that's the worst I can say about it. It is rather bulky, so make sure you have the couterspace for it.

Clifton, NJ


This Krups 4 slice toaster is a worthwhile investment


I normally don't like bulky things sitting on my counter, however in my household this 4 slice toaster is a must. I did purchase it at what I think is a reasonable price. It has quite a few settings, and Yes as a previous reviewer put .....it does toast differently on both sides. However the adjustment was for our use, a minimal downside. It has toast settings numbered 1-8, and I can say we have never put it past 4. There is also a bagel and defrost setting. Both of these settings have been used on numerous occasions and do exactly as they say. There is a stop button as well as a multi level realese lever. The stop button has come in handy for those times when one of us has forgotten to change the browing level when the other uses it. The multi release lever is my favorite as you can move the lever up to accomodate for smaller types of food that is browned, toasted, defrosted etc. It helps so you don't have to put your fingers in to retrieve the finished food item. I had previously invested in the wood toaster tongs but always forgot to use them and automatically got burned most times until I purchased this unit. The outside casement is also heat free, making it kid friendly as well. It has 2 trays on the bottom that you pull out to empty crumbs. Both sides have their own controls. All total I couldn't be happier for the overall usefulness of this particular toaster. Cleaning is a snap. If this one was ever to break I would be hunting down a similar unit if not the same one. In our household a toaster is a must have small kitchen appliance that stays out on the counter top at all times.

Rimrock, AZ


Simply ok, not spectacular


I recently bought this toaster and really like the feature that allows me to raise the height of the toast so that I can toast even small pieces of bread and remove them from the toaster safely. The settings for each side however, vary considerably. One side will merely lightly brown with a setting and with the same setting, the other side blackens the toast. We have only had the toaster about 8 months, and one side won't stay down.  I do like the trendy look, but the functionality isn't the best.

Colgate, WI


Krups 4-Slice Toaster

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