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Krups 2-Slice Toaster

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a quality toaster


I received this toaster almost 9 years ago as a wedding gift. It has worked day in and day out without any problems. I like the wide level of settings available on this compared to other toasters I have had in the past. The slots are wide enough for a thick gourmet bagel but work just fine for a thin english muffin or slice of toast as well. Sometimes it seems like it takes a while for the toaster to... toast. However, this has never burned anything or caught anything on fire (unlike a previous toaster of mine). It also does not shoot the toast across the room (unlike a previous toaster of my husband's), so I suppose it behaves itself pretty well. Besides the sometimes slow toasting time, it's also a little bulky and takes up a lot of counterspace in my small kitchen.

Columbus, OH


Krups 2-Slice Toaster TT9300 is wonderfully consistent


If you're looking for a well-constructed, solid toaster, the Krups 2-Slice Toaster TT9300 is a great choice.  Oddly enough, I don't use it as much for toast as I do for other things, like bagels, frozen hash browns, frozen waffles, etc.  It's easy to clean.  It also heats and toasts very evenly.  Unlike some other (cheaper) brands, you don't get burnt patches or only heat on one side.  Lesser brands do not handle frozen foods as well (you'll often get toasted outsides but cold or soggy middles because their sensors only judge doneness from the outside.  No so with the Krups machine. You can adjust the toast level to your liking and I really like how sensitive the controls are.  If you're picky like me and like your browning/crispness just so, you'll appreciate how easy it is to find a setting that works just right for your preferences.  This is particularly gratifying as it seems that other manufacturers want to focus their quality on the larger models (e.g. 4-slice or 6-slice), but Krups quality is consistent even on this smaller model.

Denver, CO


yummy, this Krups bagel/toaster toasts bagels to perfection!


  The Krups 2-slice bagel toaster is the best toaster I have ever owned! I would highly recommend it as a first purchase toaster for singles or married couples with families. The Krups bagel/toaster is a must have for those who love bagels, toast or waffles for quick meals.  The whole family can use it any time for meals or snacks.  I love the perfect way it's special feature toasts bagels.  I wouldn't be without it!  Thanks Krups and thank you Sears!

Niles, MI


Krups 2-Slice Toaster

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