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Krups 12-Cup Precision Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe, Black


The Krups heritage of German engineered kitchen appliances provides functional, rigorous design, technical perfection, performance and quality. Designed and built for those who continuously seek out new gourmet experiences and take pleasure in discovering and understanding how things are done and done well, Krups products provide the tools that deliver genuine results, performance and taste. Inspired by experts and demanding consumers with uncompromising standards of performance and quality, Krups products have been built with these three key attributes in mind: Passion, Precision and Perfection. Krups is pleased to present our new Precision Coffee Machines. Each machine includes a 1100 watt heating element, an easy access control panel with angled intuitive controls, a bright LCD screen, oversized shower head to deliver ensure even flavor extraction and a programmable clock to set daily start times with auto-off and dual auto-on.

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Makes good coffee, but...


Easy to use and makes good coffee, but has a very strange system for telling you how much water you out in. There are very small, we're talking less than centimeter wide little boxes that turn black when you've reached 2 cups, 4 cups, etc. But it's nearly impossible to see! You have to be at the exact correct angle with the proper amount of light. I use a flashlight to see it. The other problem is, if you leave the pot on the heater, it starts to burn the coffee pretty quickly. We transfer it as soon as it's brewed to a carafe. Of course the carafe only keeps it hot for a little while, so that's not ideal. Next time I'll buy one that brews right into a carafe. Had one of those before (Cuisinart, but lots of problems with that.) Brew Performance If you put the right about of coffee in, you get a good pot. Ease of Cleaning Like any other coffee pot. Ease of Use Cumbersome method of telling you how much water you put in. Durability So far so good

Mountainside, NJ


Krups 12-Cup Precision Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe, Black

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