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Kroger Clear Anti-Itch Lotion

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One of the best anti-itch creams out there.


This anti-itch lotion is meant to be a generic for clear calemine lotion. Its active ingrediants are 1% of Pramoxine HCL and 0.1% of Zinc acetate. It is the only anti-itch lotion that I have ever found effective. It stops the itch almost immediatly and last for quite awhile. I would estimate that you only have to apply it once or twice a day to be itch free for the entire day. It goes on clear and stays clear which is a nice alternative to the pink colored version of calemin lotion (which I do not find anywhere near as effective). However, it is slightly sticky when it goes on and that sticky feeling lasts for a few minutes. After those few minutes the sticky feeling goes away and you can't even tell it is on. I have a bottle that I continued to use one year after the expiration date and found it plenty effective up until that point.   I would like to warn that I have only used it for bug bites and hives.

Cincinnati, OH


Kroger Clear Anti-Itch Lotion

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