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Kroger Night Time - Multi cold/flu formula

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Worked well but had a hard time sleeping


This winter I had an illness that just would not quit. It started as a flu with a fever, aches, and pains, and then moved to a cold, with a deep cough and congestion. I used the Kroger Nite Time Multi cold/flu formula before I went to bed two nights. After that, however, I stopped using it. It relieved my symptoms -- coughing, congestion, aches -- but I could not sleep! One night I laid there, exhausted, for over an hour. The next night, I fell asleep but woke up a couple hours later, wide awake, unable to fall back asleep. It was very, very frustrating, especially considering I was so sick. I discontinued the use after that. My husband had the same issue with the product.

Bloomington, IN


Kroger Night Time - Multi cold/flu formula

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