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Cold & Flu Relief
Kroger Daytime Non-Drowsy Cold & Flu Medicine

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Do not buy this product! Make me dizzy and cloudy.


Was finally feeling better, and went to work. I took one tablet, not 2, and within 5 minutes i felt dizzy and like my head was in the clouds.

Atlanta, GA


Kroger Daytime Cold and Flu: Relief Without Falling Asleep


Colds, flu, and the irritations they bring can spoil an otherwise pleasant day, but there are some good over the counter medicines to at least lessen their severity. Some are very costly, but there are some cost- effective options and one of them is Kroger Daytime Cold/Flu Non- Drowsy Medicine. Medicine Facts and Commentary: Kroger Daytime Cold/Flu Non- Drowsy Medicine utilizes active ingredients such as Acetaminophen, Dextromethorphan, and Phenylephrine. These ingredients help to relieve many different cold and flu symptoms including congestion, cough, sore throat, headache, minor aches and pains, and fever. The product attempts to address all of your symptoms in a single medicine for easier health management. It is rare that I catch the flu, but I do catch a cold every so often and when I do, I need something to control the symptoms while not putting me to sleep so that I can go about my day. Kroger Daytime Cold/Flu Non- Drowsy Medicine does just that. It doesn't make me drowsy and it at least attempts to get symptoms under control. I find it works best on the congestion and headache. Its ability to soothe the throat and stop a bad cough are not as impressive, however, so you may need other medications to address these problems. It is nice that this medicine can be taken during the day, but one fact I do not like is that it has to be taken every four hours. This is a real inconvenience when you work during the day because you have to remember to take another dose around lunch time. It does, however, offer relief without feeling sleepy so it is worth the effort. Bottom Line Viewpoint: Colds and flu are a real annoyance but the symptoms can be controlled with the right medicine. Kroger Daytime Cold/Flu Non- Drowsy Medicine isn't the greatest medicine available, but it does offer some good congestion relief and it can help stop the misery of a cold or flu. It also costs less than others, making it more economical. It isn't my favorite, but it works in a pinch. Congestion Relief Congestion breaks up in due time. Chest Congestion Relief Chest congestion is lessened a little, but the relief is not anything impressive Relief of Aches & Pains Relief from headache and body aches is good with this product. Cough Suppression Coughing is controlled a little, but there are better medicines that work better.

Houston, TX


How I Get My Z's


Kroger's Daytime Cold/Flu medicine SAYS it's non drowsy. But, I took it one day when I had a cold so that I could get to work and be OK. Well, when I got to work, I started to feel really dizzy and had a sensation of being on drugs. I never took it again after that because I work around kids and I was more alert with nothing in my system than I was with Kroger's Daytime medicine. If you want to get the feeling like you're messed up on drugs, take Kroger's Daytime medicine. If you want to feel alert and healthy during the day while you have a cold, take something else.

Lexington, VA


Kroger Daytime Non-Drowsy Cold & Flu Medicine

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