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Kroger Comforts Baby Wipes

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Please Put Refills Back in Plain White Packs


Please put back in plain white refill wrappers....MUCH. CLASSIER

Houston Texas


Comfort for me and her.


I am a buzz agent and got this as a sample. I am enjoying these wipes a little more than the old brand we used. The wipes are easier to get out of the tub because the hole is bigger and the wipes don't stick together. The price is another added value for me. We have been on hard times now a days and the price fits my budget. I use them to take off my makeup after a long day and they are soft and don't leave any residue feeling on my face. Durability They don't rip apart when you are using them. The wipes are thicker than my last brand. Performance I have not had a problem with these yet. They do the job better than expected. Scent The ones I have do not have a scent. I like that option.

Las Vegas, NV


Just Ok


I received these wipes for free as a bzz agent to try out. They are quilted but seem less gentle than the huggies we are using from Costco. My husband was not a fan of them for this reason. I do like that they are fragrance free, have vitamin E and are hypoallergenic. For the price they are not bad.



Kroger Comforts Baby Wipes

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