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Kroger - Big K - All Varieties

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Name brand is no longer reasonable, 10/10 Worth the money.


So, as you all know prices on name brand products are out of control. For this reason, I've started to cut back everywhere I can and one of my bigger indulgences is pop. I'm from Ohio, we call carbonated soft drinks "pop" here. I don't know why; I've chosen not to ask. Anyhow, all of the Big K line of products are good and typically 50-60% less expensive than name brands as such they make a great alternative. I was very happy to see that there are some zero sugar/diet Big K products available. This was what actually got me to try Big K again and I have to admit the taste was very close to what I was expecting but different enough to be interesting and enjoyable.

Columbus, Ohio


I buy at least 4 to 5 12 packs a week.


For the last 3 weeks at least one to two have had a leak of some sort. Flat and every can is sticky but not enough to wet the box.


We love Big K!


Have been buying Big K for several years and we are hooked! SO much better than Coke or any other cola. Also can't beat the price.



Biggest joke ever!


I had bought this product and brought it home (2L) and was shocked when upon pouring it into a glass there was no fizz. I check the expiration date and it was good for months. Still trying to have faith that I didn't just bring trash home I try and down a glass anyways and what I tasted was grape flavored sewage. The soda was more syrup that carbonated water as the lack of fizz tried to warn me, and if I wasn't so cheap I'd have just thrown the thing out. Only thing that keeps me from looking for a way to leave 0 stars is that the fizz somehow came to the drink over time, took 4 days for the bottle to get 2 days worth of fizz, and that it is cheap.

milwaukee WI


Underrated Soft Drink


Oftentimes, I think naturally as shopper, I think, like other consumers that a cheaper price equates an inferior product. In this case, that is completely untrue. Big K is one of the better soft drink brands on the market. As other reviewers have said, this brand has its own taste, while often having higher carbonation retention in comparison to more popular brands.

Atlanta, GA


Holds carbonation longer than Coke!!!


Big K has become our full time alternative to name brand cola. Taste is equally as good, and carbonation retention beats Coke hands down. We began to notice over the last couple of years that Coke was failing to keep its carbonation. More and more we were pouring out too much Coke as it went flat pretty quick. We realized just how bad it was when we decided to try Big K. WOW what a difference...we're now exclusively Big K fans.

Augusta, GA




Big K is much better than any other cola I've ever drank. The biggest reason I keep buying it is because it doesn't go flat as fast as Coca-cola and other colas.

Richmond Hill, GA


Tastes good and costs less than name brands


I enjoy the grape, watermelon kiwi, and Dr. K sodas from this line, and would like to give special attention to Dr. K in this review. I love Dr. Pepper and Mr. Pibb. This store brand tastes as good to me as these, yet costs significantly less. I drink it regularly, and find it to be an inexpensive refreshment. I recommend it if you like Dr. Pepper, but think the price is too high, and it does seem high between special times of the year. This soda is consistently a far better deal.



Big K Sodas, good quality and good value


I just bought a 2-liter bottle of Big K Diet Cola at Kroger. Really good and a very good price, just 88 cents (or 79 when on sale). I have tried several Big K sodas and its quality is very good. It is the brand specially made for Kroger supermarkets, but I think you can also buy them in all the other supermarkets that belong to the Kroger group. Big K offers sodas in many varieties: cola, ginger ale, cherry coke, lime lemon, orange soda, root beer... It also offers drinks similar to Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper, which is called Dr. K. You can get the regular ones or the diet version, lots of options. I am pretty sure everyone can get the kind of soft drink they like, and at a very good price, above all if we compare it with the mainstream soda brands. The taste of Big K soft drinks is quite good. I would say that its Diet Cola is slightly sweeter than Diet Coke. My favorite one is Diet Root Beer. Its taste is distinctive but not too strong. Big K Ginger Ale is too sweet for me... Big K soft drinks are a very good option to save some money in these hard times. You can get your drink at a good price and get a very decent quality. If you do not want to pay for the "brand", Big K makes good products. I know that it is hard to change some habits, but if you want to try these Big K soft drinks, you could have a good surprise. If you do not little the taste, you can always come back to your regular brand. I tried them, I like them, and I am a Big K soft drink guy now. And my pocket has more money!

Decatur, GA


Big K Diet Cola- Love the new Design, Great for Guests now


I have enjoyed the taste and price of Big K diet cola for several years.  Now I enjoy the look as well.  I feel like I can put it out on the table and serve it to guests.  The pixels on the can even shimmer when you take it out of the fridge and place it on your desk where the sun is shining.  Yeah for the redesigner.

Arlington, TX


Kroger - Big K - All Varieties

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