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Kroger Amaretto Non Dairy Coffee Creamer

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NEVER DISSOLVES COMPLETELY! tastes OK but, stir and stir and stir and stir because this stuff does not dissolve at all. I will not buy it again because every time there is always some grit left in the bottom and if you do not get it to dissolve all the way you get a big mouth full of gritty bitter chemical tasting powder for your very last sip. it's enough to make you throw up.

cincinnati, OH


Excellent Powdered creamer at a lesser cost


I am generally a liquid creamer kind of gal but every now and then, I will run out of my covetted morning coffee additive so I keep a bit of powdered creamer on hand for such emergencies. This time I had an 8 oz cannister of Kroger Amaretto creamer in the pantry of which I have never tried until this past week so I am going to let you know how it stood up to my regular creamer. I have to say, I was shocked at the wonderful, full, sweet Amaretto flavor that it packed in such a GENEROUS 4 teaspoon serving! (I only used 2 teaspoons and the flavor was excellent!) It was smooth, rich and not what I had expected from the store brand. In fact, I really feel that it is better than the liquid Amaretto creamers I have used in the past and, at almost half the price, it is even more welcome in the pantry. After trying it out at home, I purchased two more to keep at the office. I absolutely love this product. Give it a try if you are a lover of rich Amaretto flavors. You will like it. Sandy

Whitewright, TX


Kroger Amaretto Non Dairy Coffee Creamer

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