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Kraft Triple Cheddar with a Touch of Philadelphia

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My family just recently tried Kraft Triple Cheddar with a Touch of Philadelphia - what a uniquely different flavor! Kudos to Kraft for adding cream cheese to their already delicious cheddar cheese. Many times I have stirred in cream cheese and or sour cream to our macaroni and cheese for a little something different - this will take a step out of that process!



Kraft Triple Cheddar with Philly - nice taste, melts the same


Of all the cheeses in the world, a nice sharp/extra sharp cheddar is one of my favorites. However, as many people know, cheddar cheese is not one of the best for melting, as it tends to get a bit grainy if overheated and the oils will separate. Therefore, I was interested in trying the new Kraft shredded cheeses with a touch of Philadelphia cream cheese, which are supposed to melt more smoothly and creamily. The Kraft Triple Cheddar is a blend of Vermont white cheddar, sharp cheddar, and mild cheddar, with cream cheese POWDER and cellulose powder added (to prevent caking). From a taste perspective, the cheddar blend was fine, and I didn't detect any tang from the cream cheese. However, from a melting perspective, this blend melted at the same pace as freshly grated sharp cheddar cheese when I did a side-by-side comparison on burgers. Was there a little less oil in the Philly blend? Hard to tell on the burger. Bottom line, I might try this blend again for making cheese sauce, but for just topping burgers, casseroles, potatoes or pizzas, I'll stick to regular shredded cheese (preferably hand grated for freshness).

Denver, CO


Kraft Triple Cheddar with a Touch of Philadelphia

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