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Kraft Traditional Caramels 14oz

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Perfect to make caramel apples, add to recipes or eat on own


These caramels are classic. They are perfect to melt to make caramel apples, cover or drizzle anything with caramel over, make a great addition to any recipe or even super eaten on their own, to satisfy your caramel craving. I always buy these and recommend them to everyone. Wonderful caramel texture - not to soft and not to hard. Plus just sweet enough. An extra bonus, is these are carried in most stores, so they are very easy to find and do go on sale frequently.

Franklin Lakes, NJ


Sweet, chewy, and tender!


Kraft traditional caramels tastes great! Sometimes I just snack on a couple when I'm craving something sweet! They are also great to bake with. They have such a sweet, chewy, and tender taste and texture! Sometimes I just dip them in chocolate candy melts and then pop in the fridge for a few hours. YUM! You can use them a number of recipes-they go great in brownies, cookies, cakes, frosting, and more. They are so convenient to use. I never make my own caramel! I just turn to Kraft!



Kraft Caramels are very cheap and work great for cooking!!!


Kraft Caramels are great for cooking.  They are the best ever.  I use them in caramel rice krispy bars and they are delicious.  I have tons of them because they were so cheap, I almost got them for free with coupons.  Kraft Caramels, I think though, and this is why I rated with four stars, are nasty plain, although I do think that any boughten caramel is nasty plain.  But I still think they are very great for baking and are a reasonable price.  These caramels come with around fifty in a fourteen ounce pack.  They are individually wrapped in plastic wrappers.  They do not come in a reclosable bag.  They are a cube shape and maybe around one inch squared.  Kraft Caramels are thirty one carbohydrates for five caramels.  They have no saturated fat.  They contain soy.  They are "America's Classic Caramels."  Kraft Caramels are the best (and probably the cheapest) caramels to buy, so I hope you have enjoyed my review:)

Yacolt, WA


Kraft Traditional Caramels 14oz

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