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Kraft Sandwich Shop Garlic & Herb Mayo

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Great, Bold Taste


Kraft Sandwich Shop garlic and herb mayo will turn your boring sandwiches into fresh and flavorful masterpieces. This sandwich spread has a very bold flavor and the texture is a lot creamier than other brands I have tried. I have even used this sandwich spread as a dip before.



Kraft Sandwich Shop Garlic & Herb Mayo is not what I expected!


When I heard about the new line of Kraft Mayo, Sandwich Shop, I was excited to try these new "deli" style spreads.  I love sandwiches and everything that has to do with a sandwich, so I think I was more excited that the average person when these finally hit the shelves.  One in particular sounded best, Garlic & Herb, but unfortunately, it was a big disappointment. I think I made a sandwich the day I bought this, just so I could taste it immediately.  I love garlic and I love herbs, so this specific flavor sounded better than the other Kraft Sandwich Shop Mayo flavors. The price of this mayo is similar to regular mayo, but the size of the bottle is smaller, so you get less for around the same price.  One thing I like about this "flavored" mayo is that it is reduced-fat mayo.  It contains only 40 calories and 3.5g of fat per 1 tablespoon.  Besides that, there's not much I like about it. The flavor of **Kraft Sandwich Shop Garlic & Herb Mayo **does have flavors reminescent of garlic and herb, but in a bad way.  It doesn't taste fresh like a spread or aioli that you would get in a deli or restaurant.  It tastes processed and slightly sweet.  I can kind of taste the garlic, but the herbs are almost just for looks; you can barely notice their taste.  According to the ingredient label, the only herb in there is basil, so perhaps there's not enough of it, or it needs more herbs. When I use this on a sandwich instead of my regular, low-fat mayo, my sandwich just doesn't taste as good.  You would think that the addition of garlic and basil in a mayo would enhance a sandwich or make it taste better, but it doesn't.  I'm giving it 3 stars because although it isn't horrible, it's isnt' great either.  I wouldn't buy it again, but I would recommend it if you want a *slight *bit more zip to your low-fat mayo.

Camp Lejeune, NC


I had no idea this was reduced fat.. yuck


I bought this for  a flavorful alternative to regular mayo to use to dress up a brat dog... I should have read the bottle.  I had NO IDEA that this was reduced fat.. it was waaaaaaaaaay too garlicy! and it's just not good mayonnaise.  Next time I'm going to mix it with Blue Plate ALL FAT mayo.... maybe that'll dilute it a bit.

Hammond, LA


Very strong, but good stuff!


I have been using mayo since I was a kid. I don't like a lot but I do like enough to make sure the bread is not dry. I was glad to see that Kraft Mayo has some new flavors. I have always loved garlic. I don't like a huge amount, but a moderate dose is good. Garlic has so many healing properties and makes food taste wonderful. When I saw the garlic and herb flavored mayo I just had to try it. I also will be trying the Chiptole flavor. The garlic and herb flavor was good. It was a bit strong, but when you put it on a sandwich with more then just the meat it tastes great. It helps the sandwich to change from ordinary and boring to appetizing and scrumptious. This would be a great way to get kids to eat more healthy sandwiches. I don't have kids but I do teach and I have a nephew. I know it's hard to get ourselves and especially kids motivated enough to eat healthy. Kraft garlic and herb flavored mayo is a great way to accompolish this goal. Thanks for the sample Kraft!

Sutherlin, OR


The Ultimate Way to Dress Up Your Sandwich


**Kraft Sandwich Shop Mayonaise *IS REDUCED FAT MAYONAISE which is big on taste!***  If you want a delicious new take on an old family favorite (tuna fish)~try this new awesome flavor!  My husband was head over hills with this garlic and herb version.  For women who are watching their calories as myself, you may enjoy a  tuna salad blend on lettuce with tomato rather than serving it in bread.  Kraft Sandwich Shop Garlic & Herb Mayonaise really perks up the flavor and there is so many delicious ways you can use it.  Kraft Recipes Online name these suggestions~philadelphia cucumber and herb dip to use with fresh vegetables; lemon-herb alioli dip; garlic & herb pita sandwich; garlic and herb antipasto sandwich; parmesan herb biscuits; garlic lover's beef panini and the list goes on and on.  Surprize your guest with a twist on cold pasta summer salads!  To encourage you to try these wonderful recipes, Kraft has also provided Video's for amateur cooks to watch and get step by step instructions.  Kraft Sandwich Shop Garlic & Herb dressing is so tasty that it is hard to believe that there is less fat.  I definitely Recommend!

Fort Gratiot, MI


Just nasty


I thought the idea of garlic and seasonings would be good but, guess you would have to start with a good mayo first. I prefer Hellmans to Kraft anyday. It just was over spiced and the garlic just didn't taste real and had a overwhelming tast to it.  

Branford, CT


Kraft Sandwich Shop Garlic & Herb Mayo

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