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Kraft Philadelphia Cooking Creme (All Flavors)

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A great cream to spruce up food.


When my friend told me about Kraft Philadelphia cooking Cremes I didn't think they could be as good as she described, but I was wrong. Philly cooking Cremes are so fabulous that I can add them to any food and it just jazzes it up. You really can't go wrong with kraft Philadelphia items. These cremes are exceptionally delicious.



Simple, yet too processed


These cooking cremes are really easy to use and come in handy when you want to prepare a simple meal after a long work day. I appreciate that they even give recipe suggestions on the container. The concept is nice, but after I prepared my meal it lacked that "freshness" quality. It seemed like a highly processed box meal. I don't think I would purchase these again unless I had a high value coupon.

Alpharetta, GA


Love it!


I love this product. It has helped with many recipes, very flavorful. My whole family has loved everything I have added it to. I have tried most of the flavors and they are all great. It makes busy dinner nights very easy, and with two young children, that is very important.

Charleston, SC


Kraft Philadelphia Cooking Creme makes any food taste great!


It's very versatile and comes in a delicious variety of flavors. It's great for dips, pastas, and meats alike and is low in fat. I have tried the Original, Italian Herb, and Pesto flavors. They all tasted great! The Italian Herb is my favorite. I use it on pasta (with or without chicken) and as a sauce for homemade pizza. My family loves it too!

Wintersville, OH


Philadelphia Cooking Creme Original


This is a product you would want to keep on hand.It turns a plain meal into something tasty especially if you on a busy schedule.What I love about this product is that it comes in many flavors that keeps my family coming back for more.Its easy to use and taste greats on veggies and noodles.I used it in my tuna casserole and the kids loved it.I already got my mom buying it she said she like this one better than the cube because its melting way easier than the block which is another reason why I love this product.

Lansing, IL


tasty shortcut


I initially didn't think there was a need for this product, but I had a great coupon so I decided to give it a try. I bought the Original version and used a recipe for the Country Frittata included on the product. Yum! This was the best frittata I've ever tasted. The Cooking Creme saves a lot of time in the kitchen--all I had to do was mix a few ingredients and throw it in the oven. I was very impressed and will continue to keep the Philadelphia Cooking Creme on hand in the future. If you're in doubt just buy the original flavor, make the Country Frittata, and see for yourself.

Frederica, DE


Not the best cooking creme


We have tried the Philadelphia Cooking Creme and were not impressed at all -- after adding noodles/chicken to creme sauce, everything we very dry. The plain was very blah, the flavor ones did have great season taste, but the noodles semed to soak everthing in. This is also not offered in a lower fat version.

Hilbert, WI


Philadelphia Cream Cheese Santa Fe Blend=Good cooking!!


Philadelphia Cream Cheese Cooking Cremes were on sale at my grocery store and had a coupon so I got all the flavors to try. They are all good! I cooked onions, garlic, ground beef, potatoes together, added the santa fe blend and then linguine. The creme blended without effort into the food. There were lots of happy eaters! I will be getting these again. Very fast and easy!

Brownsburg, IN


Makes using cream cheese easier!


Philadelphia Cooking Cream is a great new product to add to any recipe. The best part is the creamy texture that makes adding it to a recipe so much easier. It comes in several different flavors but I used the regular for my first recipe. I added it to a Penne Rigata Spinach Pasta and it really made a difference in the overall taste of the recipe. Don't believe me...try it for yourself!

Florence, SC


Cooking made easy and budget friendly.


The** Kraft Philadelphia Cooking Creme **is now a staple on my shopping list. I love the four flavors it comes in and how many different reciepie variations i can make with just those four flavors. They are a bargin at around 3 bucks a tub and one tub goes a long way. The Italian herb one also makes a good spread for rollups.****

Baytown, TX


Kraft Philadelphia Cooking Creme (All Flavors)

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