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BBQ Sauce
Kraft Original Barbeque Sauce

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I love Kraft Barbeque sauce. It is thick, and tasty. I use it as a topping for meats, as a dipping sauce for chicken, and as a marinade for pork. I also use it when I am making my "southern style" stir fry. My kids are very picky about barbeque sauce, and never turn down Kraft.



Kraft Original Barbeque sauce. My last choice!


Kraft's original barbeque sauce is something I use only when my favorite sauce is not there. This sauce tastes alright at best. It isn't liquidy like other products by Kraft (check out my review on that)! I tried this product and I'm not impressed at all. The tase is so so but I'm crazy about bbq sauce so anything can have an impression on me when it comes to that. In all honesty, this can stay in the supermarket where I got it! I really wouldnt be using this again if I have anything to say aqbout it. This is a three star all the way, nothing more maybe less but I'll be generous.

Bronx, NY


Like Kraft BBQ Sauce


We like the Kraft BBQ Sauce. We like it on chicken the best. It's nice to have when you are busy because you can just spread it over the chicken, put it in the oven and quickly warm some veges or make a salad to go with it. I also love that it's cheaper than most other brands out there! Great value!

Harvest, AL


Was my favorite,Looking for another...."They Changed the Recipe"


** Kraft Original Barbeque Sauce** **was** **my favorite**,**B-B-Q sauce it was mild on flavor and comes in many varietys to  choose from.** ***I am so upset when companys mess with the Original recipe. "Original means* *original!!! "*** ***Kraft* now the went and added more B-B-Q flavor, To me it tastes like a smokey disaster. I honestly think it was fine the way it was. ** **I know am on the search of a new B-B-Q sauce,I have lost a true love of many years and my food just don't taste the same especially my ribs on the grill.**     **Any suggestions to a simular B-B-Q sauce would be appreciated...** **Have you noticed the change ? ;Did it send you looking for a new brand to love ..????**



Kraft Original Barbeque Sauce

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