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Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Cheddar Explosion

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Definitely the easiest and cheesiest!


Boy, Kraft knows how to make condiments and easy dinners straight out of a box, and while I've tried a bunch of different brands of macaroni and cheese Kraft WINS. This cheddar explosion seriously IS the cheesiest you'll ever taste, and the spiral noodles are perfect for hanging on to the sauce when a lot of the time there are brands when the sauce is definitely NOT tangy and cheesy and it slips off the noodles and kind of puddles on the bottom of the pot. But with this style Kraft does it perfectly--of course, their original is good too!



Felt like an Atom bomb of fake cheese!


I bought a couple of boxes of the cheddar explosion when it had just come out.  I love macaroni and cheese and love anything with cheese smothered all over it; so I thought it was about time that Kraft made their product a bit more cheesier.  I was completely wrong.  It was WAY to cheesy.  There were just not enough pasta in the box so the cheese was just way too much.  It was pretty gross.  I'm sure if they added another cup of noodles in there, it could really help out the flavor quite a bit.  They could have it right on if they improved it in that way.  I really like the spiral pasta though, I always have even though there is always so little in the box.  It's just a nice change from the reuglar macaroni pasta.  So if you really enjoy cheesy, easy meals (and I mean especially cheesy) then this is the product for you.  Otherwise just stick with the regular macaroni and cheese pasta, which after this product is just right with the cheese.   

Clearfield, UT


Super cheesy, my son's new favorite!


Cheddar explosion is a new favorite in our house. Both my son and husband LOVE it! Dinner is never a challenge when it's on the table, my son will yum it up. The sauce is thicker and I find it has a better tase than the standard Kraft mac&cheese. The texture of the sauce is thicker and nicer too. The sauce is more of a sauce, rather than just a coating on all the pastas. I like the shapes, but my son would like the chedar explosion sauce to come in the box with the fun shapes. I found that I could mix one box of standard mac and cheese in fun shapes with a box of cheddar explosion and use both cheese sauce packets and get a really nice tasting end product. Not as good as the cheddar explosion on it's own, but still good. The other good thing is that you can use less butter and more milk, making it a slightly healthier product. The only real complaint there is in our house is from my 4 year old son, who complains that it does not actually make your house explode with cheese like on the commercial.

Raynham, MA


To call it bland would be an understatement.


Perhaps my taste buds are more accustomed to the REAL macaroni and cheese recipes, but for a product called "Cheddar Explosion," this macaroni had absolutely no flavor. It was certainly creamy (and I guess cheesy), but to call it bland would be an understatement. Honestly, I felt that you could've omitted the cheese and just eat the cooked pasta and it would come close to the final product.   I always felt that the kraft mac and cheeses were a bit bland in the past, but they did usually have good flavor if you ate enough of it. But this macaroni and cheese tastes NOTHING like cheddar, and it's certainly not an explosion of it.

New York, NY


Comfort Food for the Whole Family


Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Cheddar Explosion is a product that you should give your family. Macaroni and Cheese is the ultimate comfort food, but most adults have lost interest in the child-friendly boxed varieties that kids seem to devour. The Cheddar Explosion is a good description because it can be described as an explosion of cheddar in your mouth. It has a cheesier, more intense flavor that will appeal to the whole family. The pasta is thicker and shorter and has a much more satisying texture. The traditional Kraft Macaroni and Cheese has pasta that is too small, hard to keep on the fork, and tasted bland. I love the flavor, texture, and even the smell oTf the Cheddar Explosion brand.  It is great as a side dish or you can simply enjoy a bowl of it while watching television or surfing the web.  This is not the mac and cheese you ate as a kid; it is much better.

Bradenton, FL


You don't have to be a kid to enjoy Kraft Mac & Cheese Cheddar


Haven't tried Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Cheddar Explosion yet? Try it now! I'm 57 years old and still love this new Mac & Cheese. It is so close to homemade,you're going to love it too. Yummy,creamy and oh so cheesy. No need to add cheese like those cheap brands. It has bigger pasta for bigger taste.

Sheboygan, WI


Kraft Mac & Cheese Cheddar Explosion-it's what fake tastes like.


This product is the epitome of what fake tastes like.  I'd rather not be negative but my honest opinion is that I wasted money buying this product.  They did increase the cheddar "flavor" but it definitely doesn't add a flavor that tastes good.  In this market where selection and variety are key to hitting a lot of demographics, I can certainly appreciate the efforts by companies to increase their market and the number of goods produced under their brand tag.  But I come from old school when I say that I appreciate quality of your product rather than quantity offered.  You gain more by providing a great product than you do by creating things that flop.  Kraft is a fantastic brand and I do love their products.  I'm actually surprised by how many Kraft items are in my refrigerator right now.  I can tell you that this blue box will not be occupying space in my pantry and my recommendation is save your money and if you must buy fake mac and cheese, stick to the original products by Kraft and you will be a lot happier.

Middleton, ID


A bit strong.


I love macaroni and cheese, but tend to shy away from the blue boxes since the powdered cheese is very artificial. If you are expecting a Mac&cheese product makeover, well, don't.  This new cheesy explosion is no different, except the artificial cheddar cheese flavor is magnified. I should have guessed.  On the bright side, it does taste like cheddar!  I also enjoy that this product uses spiral pasta instead of elbow macaroni. It also only requires 1/2 tablespoon of butter. That's not so bad.  I am not saying that I will never buy this again since I'm not the pickiest eater, but it really might be more satisfying to make your own macaroni and cheese or buy a pasta sauces and eat something else for your money. 

Temple City, CA


Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Cheddar Explosion

3.3 8