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Kotex Natural Balance Overnight Maxi Pads

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Really absorbant!


Kotex Overnight Pads Maxi Pads With Wings are amazingly absorbant and a great option for night, or even times in life when heavy periods are happening. I found these pads to be extremely helpful and useful post partum. I used them to help absorb the flow in the weeks after the birth of my daughter while I was healing. They worked great! I had a friend who suggested wearing adult diapers post partum, which I thought was ridiculous until I had my baby! I couldn't bring myself to do it and tried these out instead. They worked great! I have found them to be very affordable as there are often coupons available for Kotex products. I don't have any complaint about them. However, I wouldn't use these during the day at all during a regular period because they can tend to feel like a diaper they are so large! But that's what makes them great for heavy flow and overnight wear. I have noticed that not all grocery stores in my area are selling these yet. Drug stores often have them availble if that's the case for you as well.

Vancouver, WA


What in the world were you thinking when you changed this???


I've used this procuct for many years. I am allergic to tampons, and this product was the best for me. Now all of the sudden you've changed not only the design but it's ability to be absorbant.The wings stick to every pantyand it's horrible trying to remove the glue! For the life of me I can't believe you changed something that wasn't broke. It's like when Coca'Cola changed it's formula. Now after all these years I have to find a new menstrual pad and I'm so upset trying to find a pad that compares to your original product.Now it's going to be a trial of hit and miss.Kotex, you've really let me down.

Ocala, FL


kotex rocks


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE KOTEX I have used them since day one of my period. They have improved there products since then as well. i also tried always pads and I hate them, they are cheap looking and i can feel them when they are on.  I only use  Kotex with wings  and they are honestly comfortable to me. I don't feel like i'm wearing a diaper and who cares if it would feel that way since its for bed time only.. Although i do use overnights on my heavist days because regualr tends to bleed over. One problem I have had with any overnight pad is that they leak over if I lay flat on my back, the backs are not big enough or something, but I always bleed through and I don't know how to stop it. Maybe I need some period panties haha.. But Kotex rocks and it goes on sale alot and there are almost always coupons for it and they can large amounts in long periods of times which is nice. I wouldnt recomend any other type of pad!!!

Saint Louis, MO


Wow! What a great product!


I was very surprised when I used my sample of Kotex Overnight Pads.  I had tried Kotex products in the past, with leakage.  I threw the sample in my suitcase when I went on vacation.  I used it on my heaviest night with no problem at all.  I was super happy since I was staying in a hotel room.  I will be buying this product!

Berwyn, IL


Kotex Natural Balance Overnight Maxi Pads

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