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Koss The Plug Earbuds Consumer Headphones

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Great for working out


I am a frequent gym go-er and usually run or elipitical for at least 1/2 hour per day.  I was getting extremely frusterated with the iPod headphones because they would always fall out of my ears and just not fit correctly.  I wanted a reasonably priced headphone that delievered good sound and most importantly fit in my ears and stayed there.  These Koss head phones are just what I was looking for.  The product gives you the option to choose the earbuds that fit your ear structure best, and they stay in while running, jogging, walking etc.  Unlike cheaper models, they don't give that staticy resistance from the shaking of the cord to the workout machine.  I highly recommend spending a enough to get a good pair because they will last a long time.  The sound is clear, crisp, and well balanced between the two ears.  I have had mine over a year and have no issues to speak of.  I will probably purchase another pair soon.

Butler, NJ


Koss The Plug Earbuds Consumer Headphones

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