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Koss KSC75 Consumer Headphones

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very good and relible headphones


i like these headphones i bought them for my 10 year old son and he sort of liked them I am rating the headphones on how much he uses them a lot but his dog broke them by biting them he says they are junk I do not recommend these they last about 6 months



These are the best headphones I have had in many years.


I ordered these headphones online when I had been fed up once and for all with the little earbuds, I could never get them to stay in my ears. These are very nice and stay on my ears very well. They do not have a top band, so there is nothing going over your hair, but they have a loop that loops around the back of your ears so they stay on, even if you are jumping around and working out.The ear piece has a thin pad on it, so it is comfortable, but not bulky at all. They are very well designed. The sound quality is great with these, I never have any problems with them cutting out or anything and they have held up very well so far. They are not noise canceling or noise blocking though. They work just fine with whatever device I want to use them with, my Mp3 player, my ipod, tablet, computer all work just fine. I would highly recommend them, and don't worry about size, they seem to fit all sizes as both my husband and I use them with no problems.

Lexington, MO


Cheap, Performs well for its Price


The Koss KSC75 is a great pair of headphones in terms of price and quality. These headphones are designed for portable use and can withstand even the most abusive owners. There is a reason why Koss has a lifetime warranty for these clips. As for sound quality, the Koss KSC75 shines within its price range, where it sounds much better than most of its competitors. Although you should not expect amazing quality of sound, they are still much better than the typical Skullcandy buds that many people opt to use within this price. However, it is worth noting that the isolation and sound leakage in these headphones are HORRIBLE so don't expect to use them in noisy environments without annoying your peers. As for everything else, this cheap pair of headphones is well worth the meager price it asks for. I highly recommend this to anyone seeking a cheap replacement pair of headphones.

Flushing, NY


Koss KSC75 headset is good for the gym


I'm going to start off with the pros and then talk about the cons. The pros are that this is a lightweight set of headphones that hook over your ears. They are one-size-fits-all, which of course means that some people will think it's too tight, while others think it's too loose. I think they are about right and have worn them for several hours at a time at work. They do make my ears ache after all that time, but it's not too bad, and I wear glasses which compounds the problem. The gym is where these shine. They are relatively open and hook over the ears from the top, letting moisture--sweat--evaporate well. I use them with my MP3 player all the time. The cons are only three: a short cord (not a problem for the gym, but it's restrictive at work, where I have to be careful to not lean too far back in my chair), the fact that it's open-air so others can hear a bit what your music sounds like (this is a pro for some I guess, if you want to be able to hear the outside world a bit as well, perhaps because you have a phone on Vibrate or something), and lastly, the audio quality is only a notch or two above mediocre when it comes to bass.

Oakland, CA


Amazing bang for the buck


Koss's KSC75 headphones are widely known for offering great sound quality at a very low price.  Bass isn't very potent, but it's decent.  Highs are quite clear, and mids are very warm for such a cheap pair of headphones.  They're lightweight and seem to be very durable.  Koss's customer support and warranty coverage is second to none.

Independence, OH


Koss KSC75 Consumer Headphones

4.4 5