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Korres Yogurt Cream

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Good Stuff!


I really like this product. It works very well as a day cream, and doesn't make your face look oily during the day. It's somewhat light, so if you have dry skin you may need something a little more hydrating. But, I also tried to Korres Yoghurt hydrating facial mask, and that works very well for any flakiness. Pretty good product.



Good as sample, didn't love it


Korres, takes the best knowledge of greek health and beauty, and translates into products that are good for the skin. The greek yoghurt cream contains full fat greek yoghurt and is meant to plump up and soothen the skin. It also has vitamin e, macademia nuts extracts and olive oil, which provide additional hydration to ease dry skin. The cream is natural and free of many harsh chemicals. it feels like a cross between full fat icecream and regular plain yoghurt with whey. It is not a thick cream and neither a watery gel. Somewhere in between. it feels good on the skin, but has a distinct yoghurty smell. It did soften my skin but did not feel like it was being absorbed into the pores and therefore providing long lasting moisturization.

Burlington, VT


Korres Yogurt Cream

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