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Koolatron Coca-Cola Can Refrigerator

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Coca Cola refridgerator for the husband = +1


My husband LOVES drinking coca cola, even after I tell him how unhealthy it is for his body. As a birthday gift, I got him this coca cola fridge and he absolutely LOVES it. We keep it in the study room for whenever he wants a drink and don't want to run to the kitchen. The fridge has been working fine, although we have the problem of a flimsy latch that's close to breaking. Only time will tell if it'll completely break off, but as of now, it's perfect!





I drink a lot of coca-cola. And for some strange reason i always crave one when i am in bed getiing ready to fall asleep. My kitchen is pretty far from my bedroom and it seems even further when i am cozy in bed. Therefore, i would always send my husband to bring me one from the kitchen. There was no one time when he would not complain but he would always bring it to me. But one day i guess he got tired of the same daily routine. So his solution was to buy me this Koolatron Coca-Cola Can Refrigerator. Which i thought was a really clever thing for him to do since i have a passion for coca-cola and the refrigerator is in the shape of a coca-cola. It is compact enough to fit in my room, next to my  side of the bed. now i dont have to bug my husband anymore and i have a theme going on on my side of the room. I have nothing but coca-cola in that wonderful koolatroon and i love it. Thinking of buying one for the restroom too. 

Los Angeles, CA


Koolatron Coca-Cola Can Refrigerator

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