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Konica Minolta
Konica Minolta - Maxxum 5

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Wonderful way to preserve memories!


The Konica Minolta Maxxum 5d is a great auto-focus SLR camera for those who are amateurs who just shoot photos occasionally but want the ability to manipulate the controls to the professional who needs full control of the controls. My amateur photography career began with a SLR manual focus Minolta in the 80s and I fell in love with the camera at that time. I consider myself to be a amateur professional, taking event photos for a few local non-profit groups so that have promotional materials for their event the following year. The Maxxum 5 lets you shoot in auto pilot, the camera making all the necessary adjustments to the controls or the camera lets you have full control for those special effects that sets  your photography apart from others. There are many accessories to choose from that make photos come to life. Although Minolta has been purchased by Sony, parts and accessories are still available through larger catalog companies. I would suggest you go ahead and purchase an extra battery while they are available from that catalog company.

Bryceville, FL


Konica Minolta - Maxxum 5

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