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Kolcraft Tour Mate Umbrella Stroller

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Not just for twins!


This double stroller is a life saver if you have more than one child, close together in age. I've found this stroller to be extremely helpful in many situations. With a single umbrella stroller and multiple little ones of varying ages, its hard to manage multiple strollers - this solves that problem. It has been a life saver when traveling on local tourist trips when my little ones who normally do not still use a stroller can have a seat and take a nap if needed when their little legs get tired, and I don't have to then carry the baby so the toddler can sit a while - they can both sit and ride. This design is much better than the typical tandem style stroller with a front and back rider. This one has both seats side by side, eliminating the 'who gets the front seat?' dilemma I sometimes have with the other style of double strollers. This is a nice sturdy model that really maneuvers surprisingly well considering that it is double the width of a normal stroller. The front swivel wheels really make the difference with this. Plus it is a light construction, so though you are pushing the weight of two babies, the actually stroller is not contributing much more weight. The actual flip top umbrella on these is a really nice addition, especially when it is a day in the sun and shady spot to rest is at a premium. The fabric is a bit boring, but all in all its a great little stroller that functions well. Maneuverability It is surprisingly easy to maneuver for a double stroller.




Kolcraft Tour Mate Umbrella Stroller

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