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Kolcraft Ka001-Flu Baby Sit and Step 2-In-1 Activity Center - Flutter Love

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Very Cute Saucer!


My daugher loves the Kolcraft Sit & Step Activity Center and Walk Behind. As far as saucers go this is really one of the cuter ones! I love that as she grows the function will change with her changing needs. That's a pretty cool feature! The seat is adjustable, so smaller babies can sit in it and still see all the toys easily. It has tons of different toys, toys that spin, toys that squeak, toys that pop, toys that light up, toys that slide, even a book and a mirror! It also comes with balls that can be stored in a compartment in one of the legs. It can also be set to wobble or stand still. Now, I've listed all the great features the Sit & Step has, but there are a few bad points too. These are the reasons I didn't rate it with all five stars. One of the rubbery toys that sticks up off of the light up bar snapped off. I wrote to Kolcraft to request a replacement. Instead of just sending one, I recieved a price list for replacement parts. I'm sorry, but I feel like it snapped off with normal wear & tear, maybe less & a big company like Kolcraft should be able to replace a broken part for free. It's crappy customer service to just send back a parts list! And lastly, then toys that are supposed to slide across the bar don;t move all that easily.

Southfield, MI


Kolcraft Ka001-Flu Baby Sit and Step 2-In-1 Activity Center - Flutter Love

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