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Kolcraft Jogger Stroller

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Great jogger for real workouts, without costing a fortune.


I am serious runner who lives in a rural area. I need a stroller that is built for speed off-road, and I found one at a surprisingly low price with Kolcraft's Jeep Overland model. While I was ready and willing to shell out obscenely big bucks for a fancy toy, I quickly learned that most of the high-end brands are not friendly to petite women. At 5'2, I was unhappy with the handle bar heights on almost every model but this one. It is fully adjustable, and can accommodate me as well as my 6' tall sister. Some other nice extras are the oodles of storage space. While so many bags and pouches will slow you down in a race, I just want to make my daughter say "whee". I don't need to be streamlined for my personal best, and it's nice to have a spot to put my wallet and maybe a little packed lunch. The handling is excellent once you get used to navigating with a fixed front wheel. The learning curve was painful but brief, and now I feel as if I am managing turns with the power of my mind. The ride is very smooth. My daughter is barely jostled as I launch the thing into potholes and over gravel. She loves this stroller, and begs to be taken for a run when she sees it. Talk about motivation, right? The seating is very comfortable for the passenger, and it is easy to adjust the recline. It doesn't lie completely flat, but jogging strollers aren't designed for sleeping newborns. I think this stroller will reasonably hold my daughter until she is about five. After that, I guess we buy little running shoes. The music on the move feature is a lot of fun. Sure, the speakers are horrible, but when cars are likely to come out of nowhere on a winding road, it is nice to listen to music without earbuds. My daughter also appreciates getting to hear her favorite songs while she checks out the scenery. The jogger fits in the trunk of my compact car, but not without removing the back wheels. Fortunately, they are very easy to detach and reattach. This isn't the most top of the line jogger, but it is a great value and meets all my needs. I'm having a great time watching the odometer climb.  


Escondido, CA


Kolcraft Jogger Stroller

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