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Kolcraft Contours Lite Stroller Plus

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Frustrated right from the start


We just bought this stroller to have in my husband's car so we don't always have to lug around the huge Graco stroller.  I wanted something light weight and compact but that got good reviews.  Consumer reports rated this stroller fairly high, and for the price, I thought we couldn't lose.  Well, I don't hate the stroller, but a few things are frustrating.  1)  It was fairly difficult to put together, not complicated, but just hard.  It was all I could do to get the wheels to snap into place.  I thought I was going to break it.  2) You cannot close this stroller with one hand.  There are two "lever" type things, one on each side of the handle, that you have to pull up at the same time to collapse it.  You cannot do this with one hand, and if you are trying to juggle a baby, a diaper bag, your purse and close this thing at the same time, its not going to happen.  Once you get the levers up and the stroller releases, it does collapse fairly easily. 3)  It isn't very compact and the way the seat sticks out, you have to make sure you put the stroller in the trunk in a certain way, otherwise, I feel like the seat is going to get bent out of shape. 4)  The snack tray is quite high and in the line of vision of my almost 9 month old.  It will probably be great when she's older but for now, its frustrating because she want to see everything. Given the price for this item, and the high ratings on it, we'll keep it especially since its our backup, but I just wanted to make some of these points because I didn't see much of this when I was researching strollers.

Morrisville, PA


I love the Kolcraft Contours Lite Stroller Plus.


I was looking for a light stroller that also had a shade and basket. I looked at every price range and found the Contour lite which had everything I was looking for including the reasonable price. I love how light it is and how easy it is to put in the back of my minivan. It also doesn't take up a lot of room. It literally pivots in a circle. It is easy to open doors and push the strollers through by yourself.  The only down side to it is the bar and snack tray is a little high but most strollers seem to do this for some reason. The only other thing is it would be nice to have more of a parent bar instead of just a cup holder.

Limerick, ME


Don't Waste Your Money!


When I first got this stroller, I loved it. It was super light weight, easy to turn, and looked really nice. In the first month my toddler had already managed to stain the seat in many places, and he never ate or drank while in the stroller! After about 5 months, the wheels were a little bowed out and would all of a sudden come to a screeching halt and would not turn or go foreword. It was really embarrassing to have to push the stroller on only the back wheels. I contacted the company, and they set our new wheels which we really hard to get on, but now they are working great. I think that the weight limit on the seat is really closer to 25 pounds, and anything more than that is too heavy for the wheels, making them bow out and stop working correctly. All in all, I do not like this stroller, and neither do many of the other parents I have talked to that own one. Save your money!

San Jose, CA


Kolcraft Contours Lite Stroller Plus

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