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Kohler Highline Comfort Height Toilet

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Feel like a King on a Throne!


Bought this almost a year ago. One of the best toilets I have ever used. Believe me the height makes a difference. Comfortable, easy on the back and makes things more relaxing. You do actually feel like a King on the Throne. The power flush saves water and is easy to clean the bowl. You really don't notice how easy you have it until you go use a regular height toliet at someone's house or in public. How uncomfortable going back to the old way!! The only complaint is that with in two months I had to replace the rubber washer on the flusher. That should have lasted longer!



Not a bad toilet but definitely not like they show on TV.


*I'm disabled and recently bought a new house.  The toilet that was here when I moved in was **huge** and used a lot of water.  Not only that, but I had to put a toilet riser on the seat to make it a little bit higher, which detracted others from using it.  But, the straw the broke the camel's back was that it overflowed and flooded my whole house three times in two weeks, causing me to call the plumbers for help.  * *After the third time, my plumber brought a new toilet -- a Kohler high rise.  The toilet itself was great.  When I pushed the handle down to flush it, it immediately flushed.  In fact, it was done filling by the time my old one would've finally made it to the "gurgling" noise.  Not only that, but it was literally 1/2 the size and because it is a high rise, I no longer need to use a toilet riser on the seat.  Those are the good points.* *Kohler has a commercial on TV that shows a man flushing EVERYTHING down the stool.  He throws a towel down, a box of candles, two armsful of toiletries, and he ends by dumping a large bag of dog food down -- and all of these things go down without any problems.  In the month and a half that I have had my toilet, I have had to have the plumber back three times so far so that he could unclog the toilet, as it has threatened to overflow.  The thing is, I have never had anything that shouldn't be in a toilet that I've attempted to flush down.  And, the material that I've attempted to flush on those occasions was small enough that it shouldn't have interfered with the normal operation of the toilet.  I've actually gotten almost paranoid when using my toilet because I'm afraid that it may not flush down.* *I have contacted Kohler and all they have been able to tell me is that a toilet is not meant for 2-ply toilet paper.  I've been using Charmin Ultra for years.  If I can't use my regular toilet paper, then wouldn't their commercial be false advertising?* *When it's working properly, I love it.  When it's not, I hate it.*

Canby, MN


Kohler Highline Comfort Height Toilet

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