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Kohler Forte
Kohler Forte Faucet

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sleek and stylish, very functional.


I was looking for a faucet (actually, 3 of them for my new kitchen) that didn't take up too much room.  I filled my newly-found kitchen space with lots and lots of counter space, tons of cabinets, and no table for eating upon.  I was afraid of things looking too busy in there , and I found this faucet which I thought would not be too obtrusive.  I wasn't so sure I'd like the ON/OFF handle right on the back of the spigot (I could not afford three faucets with handles off to the side), but I LOVE the whole thing now.  It is a tall piece, and the water comes out from quite a height.  My sinks are only 8" (one is 10" deep), but with the granite on top it seems to be quite a long trip from the faucet to the bottom of the sink.  When I am not washing very large items there is often a splashing of water into the sink.

Scranton, PA


Kohler Forte K-10413: A Separate Spray for a 3-Hole Mount


When we headed to the home improvement store to purchase a replacement kitchen faucet, I was thrilled that so many options included a separate spray. Unfortunately, we have a 3-hole installation and the plumbing specialist told us that most of the faucets with matching sprays require a 4-hole mount. At first I was disappointed, but after a little online research we discovered the **Forte K-10413 Single Control Kitchen Faucet in Polished Chrome**. Because the spray is housed in the *escutcheon* (base plate), we were able to get the spray feature on our 3-hole sink after all. The Kohler Forte is easy to use and incredibly attractive to look at. The spout is about 6-inches high with a 9-inch reach, providing plenty of room to maneuver our large stock pots, watering can, and our oversized colander. The one-handed flip of the lever moves effortlessly, making it easy to turn the faucet on/off, change temperature, and increase/decrease the flow. We were surprised by how much bigger, sturdier, and sleeker it was than the old builders-grade Moen it replaced. We hired a professional plumber to install the unit, and he seemed to have no trouble getting everything hooked up and running. He told us that he uses Kohler brand faucets throughout his home so that made me feel comfortable that we had selected a dependable brand. As for my bonus feature--the matching side spray--I have to say I just love that little addition to my sink. It provides a nice burst of spray when I want to rinse out every corner of the sink. I can control the intensity of the spray by the amount of pressure I put on the trigger, but there's no real way to make it stream. I also noticed that even though the chrome finish matches the look of the faucet, the spray doesn't feel like it's made with the same full metal construction. All in all, I guess time will only tell how well this kitchen faucet holds up. As I write this, I am incredibly happy with my **Kohler Forte K-10413 Single Control Kitchen Faucet**.

Chicagoland, IL


Kohler Forte Faucet is a great faucet


When we moved to our home 2 years ago, we desperately needed to replace the 25 year old faucet that blew up and started blowing water all over the kitchen. We went looking for something sturdy and something that I could turn on with my forearm so if my hands were full/dirty, I could still easily get the faucet on. This faucet sure seemed to fit the bill. We purchased on in brushed nickel for the kitchen, and one in chrome for our utility room. The faucet is certainly sturdy! It still looks brand new and works like new as well. The only thing that I don't like about it is that it is easy for gunk to build up under the handle that is difficult to clean up without a toothbrush. (And I wipe down my faucet each time I clean up the kitchen.) The sprayer has nice pressure and a good long hose to reach all around the sink. On the chrome on in the utility room, the sprayer doesn't have the greatest pressure (the faucet still lets water out when the sprayer button is compressed.) I guess I should contact the company about it.

Conway Springs, KS


attractive and durable


It certainly pays to buy quality when purchasing a kitchen faucet.  I got my Kohler faucet over 7 years ago and spray started to leak.  Went to the pumbling supply store where I bought it (didn't have receipt) and he told me to call an 800 #.  I was so impressed --Kohler really does stand behind their products.. They sent me the new piece... NO CHARGE aT ALL.. received it pretty fast too.. And faucet is working like new again!... I would definitely recommend Kohler and plan on buying it again in the future! 

Whitestone, NY


Bold and Beautiful!


We purchased the **Kohler Forté** faucet in brushed nickel (**K-10413-BN**) to replace our kitchen faucet that was a Kohler Fairfax faucet that was polished chrome with polished brass accents (K-12171-CB).  That faucet was very well-built, but we decided to update our kitchen and so the faucet with the brass accepts was removed and moved to the basement laundry tub.  The look and design of the Forté is great and just replacing the faucet made a big difference in overall look and feel of the kitchen.  Kohler faucets are well-built, heavy, and quite durable.  However, it did start leaking around the 2.5 year mark, but Kohler made good on their Lifetime Warranty and sent out the replacement parts (ring kit and cartridge) right away.  The repairs were easy and the faucet was fully operational again in no time.  Kohler makes some really attractive products and stands behind its warranty. We like the design of the Forté kitchen faucet so much that we also purchased **Kohler Forté** lavatory faucet in polished chrome (**K-10270-4**) for the main half bathroom on the main floor.  It too is an elegantly designed faucet, easy to install, and has had no issues thusfar. Overall I am very pleased with Kohler faucets and highly recommend them to anybody considering a new/replacement kitchen and/or bathroom faucet.

Harrison, OH


Kohler Forte Faucet

4.8 5