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Kodak - c340

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Survived a trip in the river and is still working like a charm!


I thought this camera was great when I received it as a gift.  The pictures as long as held with a steady hand are surprisingly clear.  The zoom feature is some what limited but for my use it works very well.  The pictures have true coloring and I have experienced little "red eye" since using this camera.  There are still features I have exactly figured out but, the manual does a very good job of explaining thins.  I was extremely upset when I fell into the river with my camera in my backpack.  But after fishing me out and getting home we opened it up to let all the components dry out and it's doing great.  It still works like a charm.


Duluth, GA


Big quality and easy to use for an affordable camera.


Just upgraded from an older model that worked well. The C series is faster and lots better in the looks of pictures.I have grandkids and great-grandkids so I take lots of pictures. The one printed for the C series top them all.I wouldn't trade my Kodak digital camera for a farm in Texas.


Fremont, MO


one of the best cameras i have owned


the picture quality is super, easy instructions, battery last a good while, easy software, all out nice camera, display screen could be a bit larger but over all one of the best didigtal cameras i have owned and would continueing buying this brand takes pretty decent night pictures and action pics turn out great


Morriston, FL


This camera has captured all of the best smiles


I have had this camera for about 3 years now. It was been wonderful. For being my first digital camera it was a great buy. It's easy to use. I took it to Disneyworld last year and it was great. I took over 300 pictures. Those I memories I can never duplicate again. But having the pictures is wondering. My children can look at them and tell me a story about each one. It even captured the delight in my sons eyes when he met his beloved Power Rangers! I will be buying a new camera this year but will definately buy Kodak again!


Candia, NH


Good camera but poor battery life.


This camera is overall a good camera, the one thing I don't like about it is the battery life. This camera goes through alot of batteries the rechargeable batteries that came with it even run out quickly. I like the cameras pictures and the look it is easy to carry and has a nice look. I wouldnt  recommend this camera if your looking for one with good battery life but I would recommend this camera if your looking for good picture quality.


East Liverpool, OH


Everyone can use this camera... It is simple and easy to use.


This camera is easy enough for even my mother to use (and that is hard to find).  The pictures come out clear and I would highly recommend this camera.  Plus, any easyshare is a good idea because my whole family has them and we can all interchange accessories.


Inman, SC


This is a digital camera and video recorder in one device.


This was the best investment that I have made in a camera. The pictures are clear and it is easy to switch to the video part of the camera. It downloads to my computer very easy and having two small children, this camera is very durable. The camera is lightweight and the instructions are very clear. The camera is compatable with any computer and the software that was with this camera was easy to install. The camera will download to several different types of photo software.


Sevierville, TN


easiest camera EVER!!!!!!!


When it came to upgrading my digital camera, I found the Kodak Easyshare and I made my decision immediately. Several of my friends have one model of this camera or another, and none of them had any bad comments referring to the Easyshare. The camera is very easy to set up and start using. The auto-focus on the camera is outstanding.


Albert City, IA


First Kodak Digital Camera I Bought


This is the first Digital Camera I bought because it was a Kodak and its really easy to use either by looking through the lens or lining it up with the back plus it has all kinds of features like portrait, landscape, and it even takes videos as a matter of fact I just took a pictures and videos of my litttle cousin jumping off a tree limb into the snow and even the action shot of her coming off the tree came out perfect.  I also bought this camera from QVC.


Saugus, MA


Easy to use, but not much power


This was my first digital camera, and I like it a lot.  It's easy to use and lightweight, portable, goes everywhere.  However, after the first year I found myself changing batteries more than I should.  Although I have to take a supply of batteries with me, it's still my favorite camera.


Summerfield, NC


Kodak - c340

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