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Kodak - Z1015 IS Digital Camera

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The Kodak Z1015 is great for family fun!


This camera was given to me as a Christmas present to replace an older version of a Kodak digital camera--don't remember the version--so I wasn't  expecting it to be as good as it is. I use it to take pictures of my children in their activities and they are great.  The action mode is ok.  Indoor pictures are fine. However the lighting sometimes doesn't activate; resulting in dark pictures.  Other than that, I do enjoy the pictures it takes.  When there is correct lighting the pictures are clear and the colors are vibrant.  I agree with the previous review, this is a great camera for beginners and even for those who are not. 

Laredo, TX


Good Camera for beginners


I purchased the Kodak Z1015 camera on-line at the Kodak store, the camera is OK. It was really slow between pictures, very hard for action shots. I down loaded the firmware and it made it a bit faster but still not up to what I feel is adequate. The software with it sucks, hard to set to download in another place filled up my hard-drive very fast. I no longer use the Kodak software and I will probably never buy another Kodak camera, they should of stuck with making just film. The camera takes good picture and is easy to use battery life is very good. I do not recommend buying from Kodak on-line very very poor customer service but that's another review. The camera is lite weight and easy to carry the zoom is adequate. I have taken some awesome photos with this camera. The view spot at the back of camera is a good size. the camera has a lot of settings and are very easy to figure out. It's a good camera for beginners.

Williams, OR


The Kodak Easy Share Z1015 takes the best pictures !!


I bought this camera to take pictures that I would show me every detail of something so I could get good references for paintings that I wanted to do.  This camera shows every detail of a flower and gets up as close  as you could possibly want.  It also takes wonderful pictures of my finished paintings so that I can make my own prints for sale.  I love this camera and wouldn't trade it in for anything!

Bemidji, MN


This Easyshare Z1015 IS is a great camera for the price


With the Kodak Easyshare Z1015 IS the price was great. It was purchased at Walmart. The set up was very simple. It Camera itself is not a bad size, not tiny, but somewhat small. It has all the functions that one needs for your basic picture taking. I am not an expert, but I am extremely happy with the pictures that I have taken and had printed. There are a few buttons on the camera that I am not sure of. I am not the type to mess with buttons if I am not sure of how they will affect the camera. If I would take the time to completely read the instruction manual that came with it, I would probably be surprised at what all I can actually do to improve my picture taking. The screen display is large, great for those who have eye problems. I were glasses and find it very easy to see the pictures displayed on it when I review my picutres. The buttons for viewing, trash are large enough that you don't have to worry about hitting any other buttons while trying to attempt something. The zoom on this camera is very pleasing to me. I was surprised at how clear the pictures are when I take one that has been zoomed in completely. Other cameras I have used, when I zoomed in all the way were blurry or grainy looking, not with this one though.  I have taking videos with it and wow was I surprised at how good the picutre and sound was on them. A steady had is needed, you can hear some sound when you move it around during the video taking process, but once you get the hang of it, it is really great. Connection to the pc to download your picutres is extremely easy. The one touch transfer is great, it does also give you the option to cancel it if you need more time. There is not much more I can say about this camera, I have not had it long enough to use all the settings available to see how they work. I do recommend this camera for its price and ease of use.  

Keyser, WV


Kodak Z1015 IS takes sharp, clear photos


The kodak Z1015 IS is a very nice camera with many features not found on your basic point and shoot but it's very easy to use. It takes beautiful clear photos without a lot of hassle. It especially takes great outdoor shots. It does have many features for more advanced photographers who like to be creative and use their own settings. The Z1015 IS also takes great videos with High Definition and nice clear sound. It has more internal memory than many cameras but you can also use high capacity SD storage. You get everything you need to load your photos right onto your computer with editing software to further enhance each shot. I enjoy shooting outdoors and with the Z1015 I can get all the wonderful pictures I need without having to do much of anything but point, shoot and print. This is one of the Anniversary shots I took of my nephew and his wife this weekend. 

Columbia, SC


Kodak - Z1015 IS Digital Camera

4.2 5