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Kodak - Z1012 IS Digital Camera

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Served us well!


We have had this camera ever since my daughter was born! She will be 4 in September. I can honestly say I have never once thought of replacing it! I love this camera. We have great pictures, good quality pictures that have brought so many treasured moments to life! I am thankful for that.   I love how easy it is to share pictures with others through the Kodak Easy Share Soft-wear. Not only does it allow me to easily upload, sort, and store my pictures to my computer...it guides me to creating a gallery that I can share with family and friends! This is awesome.   My only complaint would be its size. It is a large camera, and with TONS of smaller cameras out there now a days, there is no comparison. However, I have never had ONE problem with this camera. I have dropped it, its been well used and traveled and I would take the bulky size over a smaller camera that has problem's any day!! I love this Kodak Camera and I have recommened it to all my friends and family!  

North Bend, WA


hardworking camera


We bought this camera when we found out I was pregnant with our first child 6 years ago. It has been dropped, slobbered on and generally mis handled and still works fine. It also takes video, which I love. The color on the pics turn out great. We love this camera!

Lexington, KY


Kodak Z1012, okay product


I purchased the Kodak z1012 camera as my first digital SLR, due to an ongoing interest in photography. I thought it'd be an okay camera to start off with, & I guess my predictions were correct. This camera has a lot of the features that more expensive beginner cameras have, & although they may not work as well, they suffice. It can be adjusted to almost any setting, from a specific setting for sunset lighting to one for fireworks. It has 8.1 megapixels, which is a lot more than most will ever need. It has a decent zoom, alright macro, & it can be used as a point-and-shoot, making it possible for those who aren't too tech savvy to understand how it works. This camera also has face recognition. Also, the fact that it's built like a more proffesional camera is a good attribute, for many SLR point-and-shoots offer too many megapixels with very bad quality. In all honesty, however, if you want to take amazing photos with this camera, you have to pretty much become a quite decent photographer to take more professional looking photos with this camera. You must really get to know the way it works, in & out, & that's not always easy. The camera is pretty excellent at taking shots in the daylight, but night shots or moving shots turn out rather terrible. Any pictures you take in light darker than sunset light come out a little pixelated.  For an easy start & transition into the world of photography, this camera does a pretty decent job. If you do happen to get good with it to the point where your pictures turn out well, you WILL want to move on to bigger and better things, and the Kodak's flaws will become much more apparent. But again, to start off with, it's a good product.  

Orange Park, FL


The Kodak EasyShare Z1012IS camera takes the best pictures.


The Kodak EasyShare Z1012 IS camera takes phenominal pictures whether close-up or zoom. Action pictures are easy to take while coming out with the quality of a professional photographer. It is uncomplicated even for the novice, while giving results that anyone would be proud of. I try to always remember to take it anywhere there may be a chance for memories I want to keep or moments I want to share. Every baseball game or other sporting event can become an educational study in technique and effort. I've shown my son and others pictures of pitching and hitting techniques, styles, and efforts that would not have been available with other cameras of comparable prices.The breakdown of each phase of these particular skills can help to simplify explanation and improve comprehension by young athletes or increase the  appreciation by those understanding the degree of difficulty that is involved with reaching the professional ranks of a sport. This all comes at a less expensive price than is expected and in an easy to use form that can be saved and erased and updated with greater ease than other recording and photographic tools.  

Bakersfield, CA


The Kokak Z1012 IS is simple and takes very clear shots


     I searched thru many digital cameras that would give me the easy to use features of a point and click yet offer me a way to manually enhance pictures when i needed to as the Kodak Z1012 IS.  I will say that many cameras offered higher mega-pixels but the optical zoom wasn't what i wanted.  I like a higher optical zoom like the Z1012 and it gave me great mega-pixels to enlarge pictures when i needed to.  I would classify this as a great starter digital camera for the individual that likes to also use manual functions.  I did notice that when in manual mode you should use a tripod.  Another great feature is that the camera is still compact enough to fit into a camera waist pouch but it functions like the bigger cameras.  I also enjoy using the multi-shot however it would be nice if that feature could give you more than three shots in a row.  Another great feature is the large LCD screen it definitely shows the pictures nicely.  I have used most features on this camera and would recommend the Z1012 IS to anyone who wants more to a digital camera than just a point and shoot.

Petaluma, CA


Kodak - Z1012 IS Digital Camera

4.2 5