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Kodak - Kodak EasyShare C183 Digital Camera

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Definately "Easy"


Very basic, easy to use camera. Good Brand. Share feature and operating manual are not that great, but I have no need for the share feature, and the camera is so easy to use, one doesn't need much in the way of instruction. Short battery life has not been a problem for me. Maybe because I turn it on and of as needed. I don not leave it on and sitting around during the duration of a party or what not.. This camera uses two (2) AA alkaline cells as opposed to some that use four, so I don't consider that a negative. Using less batteries is always a positive, but for future purchases I would recommend getting one that has a battery pack that recharges... those usually have a much longer battery life! For the price, this camera will do everything you need in a point and shoot unit. Picture quality is great - well, great for your average photos, its obviously not a professional camera! So much for the big names and big price tags! Kodak has been a leading name in photo since I can remember. I found myself somewhat trusting this brand more than other when trying to find a relatively inexpensive camera. This is the second Kodak camera I have purchased and have been pleased with both.




A simple device for the the casual photogropher.


While the quality of photos is good, I wish accessing the different picture options was simpler. If you want to quickly switch to another format it can't be done all that fast. Image Quality Some pictures are out of focus, seems to need a minute or 2 to steadily focus before taking the picture. Performance Always works properly and never any issues with the memory card or sharing feature. Durability I have already dropped the camera a few times and it is holding up very well! Worst that happened was the battery door opened. But no images were lost and photo quality remained the same.


Merchantville, NJ


Point, click and shoot. Just that simple.


For someone that can't work the television remote without the kids being here, I needed a camera that was easy to use. Having an older version of the Kodak Easy Share, I knew that it was something that was pretty easy to use. I was looking for something that was slim and light weight. Color wasn't a huge factor in what I wanted, just not hot pink or purple. I found what I liked in the Kodak Easy Share C183. With 14 mega pixels (apparently this is what makes the photo quality); I notice my photo's looking better than the old camera. Kodak made the digital viewing screen bigger, which allows for better review. The buttons on the back of the camera are easy to use and understand the functions. The buttons on the top; power, flash and camera/video are placed to where they are easily accessed. The shutter button now has a toggle switch that allows you to zoom or wide view. The camera comes pre-loaded with the necessary software. All you have to do is plug in the USB cord to the camera and computer port. BAM, it's done. The camera takes short video's and includes sound. The amount of recording time isn't very long, but then I don't plan on recording anything of great length with this camera. The sound quality is ok for the camera. For the price, I can't complain about this camera. If you are looking for a good quality camera at a great price. Then this is the camera for you.


Half Way, MO


Old person friendly! As to be expected


This camera was purchased for my 50 something year old mother that can hardly get to a website. It's very easy to use as if it needed to be!!! They took simple and made it even simpler! With the one touch easy share button on the back my four year old nephew could handle it. Not sure if it justifies the price charged or not but compared to the 5 something other digital cameras I have owned in my life time it's at the top of the list next to my sony. Great auto-focus features and a clear optical zoom as expected. Huge screen on the back of the camera makes it a hard choice to decide where to view the newly captured photos. With most other cameras I would prefer to see them on my computer screen but they practically look better on the camera's LCD. I wouldn't change a thing about this camera other than the price. The internal memory is low but to be expected (20 megabytes) it can hold about ten photos.


Belton, TX


This Kodak EasyShare does not live up to its name.


I got this camera as a Christmas gift. I needed a new camera because my old one was shot. I was excited and the camera took get pictures. The clarity was amazing...especially when I learned my husband got a great deal on the camera. I take lots of pictures in many locations. The camera was portable and easy to use. However, my joy was short lived. It's only been 3 months and the camera is broken. My daughter was using it and the lens became "stuck" in the out position. When turned on and off, the message comes on that there is a lens obstruction and the camera automatically turns off. Very disappointing. It did take great pictures for 3 months.


Oxford, NC


Kodak c183 is okay


The pictures are very good. I was a little disappointed that the instructions were so brief. For a first time digital camera user everything was a little more complicated for me. Even other people had issues. My biggest complaint is that it uses battery power instead of being able to recharge. Secondly, I cannot use my Easyshare software with it. The USB cord that came with it does not fit my USB port. I have to take out my memory card and out it in my daughter's Kodak M550. The M550 is a great easy to use camera. Although it has less megapixels ii is perfect for me. Even has a better zoom. So if I had to do it all over again, I would spend less on the M550.


Temple, GA


Kodak EasyShare C183 Digital Camera Review


Kodak EasyShare C183 Ditital Camera Review Report: Style: Is formal, easy grip to hold camera while taking a picture. This compact camera makes carrying around easy, yet it is big enough to find in ones purse, or pocket. Its grip is very comfortable in ones hand and one can easily hold it up steady because of its light weight feature. It's view window is large enough to view items or people from taking the picture to reviewing it. Use: It is friendly using. It is easy to navigate through the settings of picture size, date, format, and its built in auto picture works great if someone does not know the picture effects to outdoor, indoor, fireworks, or other settings such as dpi. Quality: Its 14 mega pixels make clear crisp pictures the zoom is good. One can use the easy share button to share pictures via email with ease. The purchase price of 59.00 found at most retail stores or online is a steal for the performance this compact camera produces. I would recommend this camera to anyone, or even beginners. Note: purchasing rechargable batteries is suggested for longer battery life use.


Raeford, NC


Check out the C183


Kodak has always been one of those brands, that you may think are very cheap or inexpensive and not a good quality. Well take another look, HERE. Kodak is one of the brands that I have always trusted, and even though they may be inexpensive, they provide the same quality as some of the very expensive brands that are on the market. If you have the opportunity to purchase a camera in the near future, I recommend the kodak C183, due to all of the capabilities, and the exceptional quality that Kodak c183 camera provides. My personal experience with the Kodak c183, is the large size screen, the megapixel quality, the photo quality it provides, and the very ease of use of the camera. Who would have ever guessed with the low price, that the camera would provide such a great quality and exceptional pictures, and ease of use. My recommendation, try it out. See the new side of Kodak, and put aside the previous feelings on Kodak, great camera, great company.


Baton Rouge, LA


The Kodak camera is awesome!


The Kodak has a great set of features on paper: priced at around , it offers a long 10x zoom and captures 12 megapixel images. But there are a few performance issues that make this camera less appealing in use. Here is a rather large point & shoot: it is 1.4 inches thick with the lens in the power off position, and a lot thicker when the lens telescopes out for use. It fits well into the hand, though, with the sizable grip providing something to hold onto. We did find that some of the switches and port covers feel rather flimsy, though; they don't feel like they would stand up to extended use. On the back of the body is a sizable 3-inch LCD screen, but this has only a middling resolution of 230k pixels, which means that images look somewhat grainy.


Olathe, KS




this camera is an excellent choice for the photo lover. install the share button app, and upload your pictures in just one step.i was able to register this camera and completely figure everything out without even having to open the manual once. it takes very good quality pictures. there are several different settings you can put your camera on to capture a better pic for each situation. like if it is dark out there is a setting, if it is very bright there is a setting, a scenery there is a setting


Moriah, NY


Kodak - Kodak EasyShare C183 Digital Camera

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