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Kodak - Easyshare Z1485 IS Digital Camera

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Kodak EasyShare Z1485IS is fun, easy to use & takes great pics!


The Kodak EasyShare Z1485IS is a great little camera.  It is easy to use and the picture quality is great.  It has a nice sized LCD display on the back of the camera which makes using the menu, reviewing your pics, and taking your pictures really easy.  I do not even have to have my glasses on to use this camera!!  It is 14 megapixels so it takes actions shots as well as long as they are not moving too fast. It has a 5X zoom with optical image stabilization which makes going in for closeups easy to do.  I also like the fact that you can hit your button to fix on your subject then take your picture so your subject is the center of the picture even if they moved some. You can also take short videos with the camera and it even records the sound. It comes with a variety of shooting programs which include: Landscape, portrait mode, text, museum, back light, night portrait, self-portrait, children, fireworks, night landscape, panorama assist, flower, sports mode, sunset, beach, snow, stage so you really have a lot of choice. All in all this is a great camera and I am really pleased with it. Image Quality I get nice clear crisp pictures with this camera. Performance It works pretty good although there is sometimes a delay between snapping the picture and it actually taking. Ease of Use Very easy to use - lots of good features. Durability Been using it quite often (more than weekly) and it is doing great - even with a couple of times being dropped. Battery Life Works pretty good to begin with but then goes down with no warning. Portability Small and compact can take anywhere.


Wister, OK


The Kodak Easyshare is idiot proof & takes great photos


We bought our Kodak after trying out several pricier brands. The bells & whistles on the higher priced cameras jusrt made themn cumbersome to use, and several were too heavy to be of much use, The Kodak Easyshare lives up to its name, it is so EASY! There are several ways to download your photos, or you can stop by a print kiosk and have then printed in no time,. The 5x zoom and 14mp are a pleasant surprise in a camera in this price range. I was a bit surprised when the batteries died so quickly, and only then realized that the camera required lithium batteries. However, you can buy the rechargeable lithium batteries, which cuts down the cost a bit. I wish it had the capabilities to charge through a computer dock or came with an automobile charging unit. Kodak also has a great photosharing & developing software, and excellent tech support


Evans, GA


A Z1485 IS Replaces a Z712 IS


I used a Kodak Z712IS for a couple of years and wanted a bit more resolution so I bought a Kodak Z1495 IS. I lover the little camera. It is very light and fits nicely either in my pocket or in its leather hip case. Pictures are extremely crisp and when it is coupled with the Kodak Easy Share software downiloading is a snap. I added a rechargable battery and an 8GB memory stick and I can take all of my vacation pictures on one stick. The only downside is that the newer Kodak cameras don't have a viewfinder and rely on the LCD screen. A bit awkward in the bright sun.


Hartford City, IN


This Kodak camera is the bomb!


I have a lot of experience with cameras, and a LOT of cameras! The camera I use most to record my memories is sizeable, because I like the feel of a real camera, but I realized I missed somethings because I didn't bring it with me all the time. So I wanted to get an inexpensive but good camera to fit in my purse and be handy for capturing my precious family moments. I did quick research when this one came up as a special deal, and the reviews were good enough to make me jump on it. I am very happy I did. I use it a lot more than I thought I would! I have had it for over a year, and in that time we welcomed a new baby in our lives, and while I was happy enough with the quality of the pictures, I surprised myself how much I use the video function! With my other two children, the camcorder got pulled out for special things, and sometimes just because, but it was not handy, so while I captured many things, it doesn't compare to all the silly moments I have gotten of this baby. They have been well enjoyed when posted online for family and friends that can't be there to see her everyday growth. The quality is superb. I like the features of the camera, the smart capture is incredibly helpful, the only downside is trying to get some close ups is a challenge, but that is with many cameras. I got two extra rechargeable batteries online, a couple chargers, and as long as I keep track of all of them, I am never without power, and after the initial investment, costs nothing extra! And I get good long use on one charge, so I am thrilled.


Edmonds, WA


I LOVE the Kodak Easyshare Z1485 Digital Camera!


Kodak has always meant quality cameras to me so it made good sense to buy another Kodak digital camera, even thought I already had the Kodak C813 (see my review of this model) with eight megapixels. But I had an opportunity to purchase this one with fourteen megapixels for a great price AND rebate AND I could purchase it in my favorite color-cobalt blue-with a matching hard shell Kodak case! Well, this camera has not disappointed me at all. The pictures are crisp and clean, it has a glass lens, and most of all it is easy to use. It has an automatic setting, but also has other more advanced settings for other desired effects. The biggest selling point for this camera is the image stabilization feature. No more blurry pictures because I jiggled the camera a little. This camera takes great pictures of all kinds. It takes great distance pictures and automatically "stitches" together a serious of pictures to make a panoramic view. There are many great features to this camera and I would suggest going through the owner's manual trying things out. I could never remember everything, but if there is something I want to accomplish, I can either remember how to do it, or remember seeing it in the manual. All in all, this is a great camera for everything from vacations to eBay!


Tampa, FL


Kodak Easyshare is a great little camera


When we were looking around for a new camera, we wanted something with more mega pixels but with a reasonable price.  We looked at Canons and other types of cameras, but they were all very expensive and the mega pixels topped out at 12 or 12.1.  This was the only camera we found, at that time, that had 14 mega pixels in a reasonable price range.  We have not been disappointed with this camera.  The increased mega pixels makes for really nicely detailed photos.  We compare them to the photos we used to take and we are amazed at the quality difference.  We bought a good photo quality printer and the photos we take with this camera end up looking almost professional.  If you are looking for a good pocket camera, this is a great point and shoot camera.  It's not as compact as some others, but it does take lovely photos.  We use the good lithium batteries in the camera and that seems to work the best.


Fairdale, KY


Camera is good


This is a great everyday camera. It has 14 mega pixels which is great for plowing your pictures into big sizes and still have it stay clear. The color mode is also great because you can take a black & white picture right away and not have to wait to download it to your computer to change the setting. The only problem with mine is that the battery for it doesn't last long. So I constantly have to charge it. I would advice not to try to use regular AA batteries for it as when I did that the batteries only lasted 2 minutes.


Brockton, MA


Kodak Camera: Easy to use and Great picutres!


This camera is GREAT! Very easy to use and takes wonderful pictures.  My 10 year old and 7 year old can use it without any problems.  I had a 10mp Kodak that was good and was replacing it because it broke. I tested several cameras in the same range and found that this Kodak was the best for the money.  It wasn't expensive.  It takes very clear and sharp pictures.  There are several settings to choose from and it is not complicated to figure out which setting works for your situation.  There are a few settings that you have to have a very steady hand for it to come out well.  The internal memory is not much but you can use a larger memory card to fix that problem.  It is also easy to install it on your computer and printer if you have the Kodak printer dock.  It does drain AA batteries so getting the rechargable battery is worth it.  This camera is compact and you can take it anywhere.  I am very pleased with my purchase :)


Augusta, GA


Kodak Camera is ok


This camera is ok. I've had it for almost a year. It takes clear pictures, but sometimes it gets blurry for no reason or it makes the lighting look weird. Also mine after about 6 months the lens wouldn't open anymore, I have to force it open. Overall I wouldn't recommend it.


Weatherford, TX


an easy to use point and shoot


I have actually owned two different kodak easyshare cameras and have been pleased each time. Although, now I have a digital slr and not much can compare to that.  I still use my point and shoot kodak though.  It is great for throwing in my purse or in the diaper bag when I don't have the space to whip out my big slr.  I actually use it the most for its video taking capabilities.  Its pretty close to the same quality as my actual video camera.  The kodak is super easy to use but yet does have a variety of functions that make it a pretty detailed camera for taking more professional pictures.  I am not sure if it is the camera or the fact that I am spoiled by my slr, but it does seem like the pictures come out grainy quite a bit.  They just don't seem as crisp and clear, especially for indoor pictures.  Outdoor pictures are great with the camera though.  This camera is definitely durable, which, like I said, when I throw it in the diaper bag so often, this is a must!


Vandalia, OH


Kodak - Easyshare Z1485 IS Digital Camera

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