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Kodak - Easyshare M341 12.2MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom and 2.7-inch LCD (Orchid) Digital Camera

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Average camera


I would not recommend this camera for a photographer. This camera would be good for a child/teenager just getting started on taking pictures. As it doesn't take quality pictures . I've never got a good photo from this camera.

Windsor, MO


Beginners can take beautiful pictures with Kodak Easyshare


With my Kodak -Easyshare M341 12.2MP Digital Camera with 3 X optical zoom and 2.7 inch LCD Digital Camera I can take pictures like a pro!  I needed a camera that was easy to use, and easy to understand.  I wanted a camera that was small enough to fit in my pocket. I wanted a camera that took wonderful pictures.  I wanted a camera I could load the pictures onto a computer, and print them out. I got all that and more with my Kodak-Easyshare M341Digital camera with 3X optical zoon and 2.6 inch LCD.  It also is capable of producing a panoromic view for taking pictures of these beautiful big redwoods, and endless beauty .  I save money by not having to buy film and pay developing costs. I shoot the pictures, load them onto my computer with the attachment cord that came with the camera. I also don't have to buy expensive batteries because this camera comes with a charger that charges the batteries that are inside the camera.  

Crescent City, CA


Kodak Camera


I have this camera and love it. It takes great pictures, is easy to download to my computer and to the Kodak Gallery website. It is small enough to fit in my purse or in a pocket. I got the larger chip that holds up to 1990 pictures. I have never filled it up. The cable is used to download to computer and then to plug into wall to charge camera. It has the share button, but I have not checked into how to use it yet. It is so that you can take a picture and send it to someone's e-mail address directly from the camera.

Ontario, CA




There is so much I can say about this camera. I absolutely LOVE it! Ease of use...number of options...lots and lots of memory. Batteries last a real long time before needing a recharge, too! I've had this camera over a year and have not had a single bad photo, even though I'm not the best photographer. I highly recommend this camera!

Silver Springs, FL


Love the Kodak Easyshare M341


What I love about it is that it is rechargeable. I just do not like a camera that uses batteries anymore because they are just much too expensive. From my experiences with my Kodak camera is that they take great pictures. This camera includes a panorama stitch mode which is nice, because it let's you take an environment and combine it all into one picture. I generally take a lot of pictures, and with the EasyShare software it  is so much easier than going out and printing the pictures. I never seem to find the time to go and print, especially on Holidays when we take the most pictures, and places are so crowded. Sometimes you can wait in line a couple of hours just to print your photos. Even the megapixel resolution is a good quality! What I think is the best feature about this camera, though, is the Smart Capture feature, which automatically identifies and adjusts the settings on the camera, making it so that anyone can take great pictures. The 12.2 Mega pixel resolution is great.

Greensboro, NC


Nice camera for the price


This camera has a lot of features. The camera takes great pictures. The only things I don't like are it does not not take great pictures at night, I tried to take a picture of the "New Moon" and the moon looked like a giant blurry light in the sky. The battery needs more power to it, with me using the video recording and taking pictures the battery only lasts for an hour. My other camera last longer than an hour. At times it takes awhile to figure out the settings for the camera. I love the panorama picture setting. I like the feature to upload videos directly to youtube. Overall this is a very nice camera :D

Cleveland, OH


Kodak easyshare is an average camera


Easyshare M341 is by no means the top of the line camera. It only has a 3x optical zoon so it isn't great for taking pictures from a distance, they become pixelly quickly. It doesn't snap pictures quickly so it is not great for sports shots, or of children running around. This camera does have its advantages though. It is very small and compact compared to other easyshare cameras. It is great for throughing in your purse or diaper bag to have for everyday pictures. It makes uploading your pictures to your computer so simple. Anyone is able to upload pictures from this camera all you have to do it plug the cord in. I love that I can capture everyday pictures with this camera and upload them with easy. I would not recomend using this camera to capture lifes big moments, ie a wedding, it just doesn't give the greatest quality of photo. The price of this camera tells you the qualtiy of photos it will take. It is average quality for an average price.

Leechburg, PA


Professional looking pictures from Kodak Easyshare M341


This is our third Kodak digital camera. We picked the M341 because it was affordable but also because of its small size and it's many features. This camera has several options once you've turned it on, from video to still pictures, to pictures in motion, etc., and it's got a panoramic option, and more. My favorite setting is the "SCN" found on the top circular button which controls your camera setting. Once you've turned it to this setting, you get about 15 different options that help you pick what you setting is, so you get the best picture possible. This camera will take great "close up" shots. The only thing I don't like is the quality of the flash at a distance. This isn't a good camera for school plays, church events or anything where there's a good distance between you and the subject and a flash is required. It's very unreliable. With the flash it's actually a very dark picture. Without the flash, everything is blurry because the shutter is open longer. For a beginner or an average photographer, this is a great camera for the money. Distance with a flash is the only real issue for me.

Mcdonough, GA


LOVE the Kodak Easyshare M341


The Kodak Easyshare  M341 is by far the best digital camera I have owned. The 12.1 megapixels are AMAZING when taking photographs. By far the best feature is the Smart Capture feature. I have always had trouble taking photos in good light, but don't have to worry about that anymore with this camera! I also really enjoy the ease of uploading my pictures/videos to youtube. Kodak really did make this product with ease in mind. I also enjoy being able to view slide shows directly on the camera rather than having to transfer them to the computer to share with friends. The rechargeable battery is great. Just plug in the camera and wait. The only downside to this is that you cannot just pop in a new set of batteries if it runs out; you have to wait for it to recharge. You will need to purchase a memory card though - the camera itself only holds 3-5 photos or 20 seconds of video. The zoom feature is 3x, which is nice, but honestly I could use a larger zoom. For it being a non-professional camera, it is great. It is small and easy to carry around with me for any opportunity that I might have to take a picture!

Matthews, NC


This camera will fail you when you need it most.


My wife and I bought this Kodak camera after our other Kodak camera broke.  Our main motivation for buying the camera was the price.  The first time we had problems with the camera was a couple of months after we got it.  We are at a birthday party and the camera stopped working.  Whenever we would turn it on, the lens would extend and then automatically it would retract and turn off.  After doing some research, it appears that this happens often with Kodak cameras and is usually because the camera has detected dust or some other blockage.  Keep in mind, this camera wasn't being used outdoors and the lense would completely extend so it was obviously not blocked.  We sent it in and they repaired it and sent it back.  A couple months later, during a vacation, it broke again with the same problem.  It was still under warranty, but we decided that we couldn't risk taking this camera to important events only to have it keep breaking so we replaced it with a non-kodak camera. My other complaint about the camera is that it takes great pictures sometimes.  The rest of the time the pictures are pretty blurry.  We haven't had this problem with our new camera.

Mount Pleasant, MI


Kodak - Easyshare M341 12.2MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom and 2.7-inch LCD (Orchid) Digital Camera

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