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Kodak - EasyShare m880 Digital Camera

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You got to get one


                                Kodak Easyshare m880 Digital Camera This folks is the very thing you need if you are not good with electronics. The Kodak easyshare is amazingly easy to use. It has a wide pitcher screen so you can preview your photos. If you dont like a photo that you took. All you have to do is delete it. You can keep you photos stored in its own  little chip. Your photos can be downloaded on a cd. Your photos can be printed off on the scanner that you have with your personal computer. The Kodak easyshare m880 comes with all that you need to print you photos at home. You also can use this great little camera as a Camcorder.  The Kodak Easyshare m88 takes great pitchers. IT has different settings to make your photos more exciting. Such as an setting that makes your photos look antique. It has your ordenary black and white setting. Then you have your photos that are in color. This cool camera is not tobig orto small. And it is light wieght. So thatit will not feel like you are caring around a brick. This camera comes in several different colors. I know you will find one that suits you.   

Mayfield, KY


Kodak - EasyShare m880 Digital Camera

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