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Kodak - EasyShare c140 Digital Camera

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This camera was broken within a couple of months!


I purchased this digital camera for my husband's business. We wanted a camera for job sites, to take pictures of the work he did. We were just looking for something that would be small and portable, something that would easily fit into a pocket. Since he wasn't looking to do any serious photography, price was also a consideration. This camera was priced pretty low and seemed like it would do the trick. At first, everything was fine. It's not a big glamorous camera or anything, but it worked well enough. The pictures came out nicely. I had an easy time uploading them to my computer. A couple of months after we bought it, it just stopped powering on. I thought maybe there was just something wrong with the batteries and tried to replace them. Unfortunately, it didn't do any good. This camera didn't cost enough to try to repair so now it's a play camera for my three year old daughter. Image Quality The pictures it took before breaking were nice enough. Ease of Use It was simple to use, it's set up like most cameras. Durability This broke way too soon. It was not dropped or anything like that so I'm not sure why it quit working.


Southfield, MI


Great little camera for everyday use


The Kodak EasyShare is a good camera for everyday use. It takes decent pictures and is light, portable, and easy to carry around. It doesn't take great pictures in low light, but it's satisfactory. There are a lot of settings on the camera I probably could mess with and try to get better low light/dark photos. I like that it comes with a memory card, and that you can swap out the memory card for another. It's the standard SD type. It does tend to eat batteries, but I just bought some rechargeable batteries and have been very pleased. It's nice to be able to keep an extra set of batteries in your car and just swap out the batteries if they die, versus the cameras that only have a rechargeable battery and you have to wait for the camera to recharge.


Campbell, CA


An Okay Camera for Fun Pictures


The color offerings of the Kodak EasyShare C140 was what originally attracted me to this camera. As silly as it is, I love orange and they had an orange option so I asked for it for Christmas, and I received it. I must admit this hasn't been my favorite digital camera. It uses double A batteries , which I didnt know upon first wanting it, and it eats through more batteries than it's original cost. After a few hours, I would find myself having to replace the batteries and the cheaper alternatives to name brand batteries would die even quicker, within an hour or two. It does take fairly decent pictures for the amount of megapixels, and it has a good sized LCD screen for viewing them back. It's very lightweight and small. It feels almost hollow inside. It has a few different settings but in terms of filter and color changing, this is not a camera for someone looking for a ton of filters. It doesnt have many options other than the usual Black and White or Color picture. It's a good camera for a first time camera user or someone who needs a camera temporarily. Image Quality Good for the amount of megapixels allotted. Performance The flash or picture button malfunctions from time to time and the zoom got stuck once but other than that no issues. Ease of Use Simple.




nice cute camera, not for professional pictures.


i'll give it a 4 since it works and serves its purpose but it does get kinda frustrating when it makes the pictures darker than they shoud be when using the flash Image Quality this is a tough one, because sometime it takes AWESOME pictures and sometimes it makes them REALLY dark even with the flash, the flash actually makes it even darker sometimes not sure what the deal is. Performance this goes the same as the image quality for me since i'm sure something is not right with this camera since it can take really good pictures but it also takes really bad pictures and its not the operator! Ease of Use very easy to use and easy to figure out and learn how to use. Durability no complaints Battery Life well i use rechargable batteries and they seem to last longer than regular batteries and even if they dont at least i can just re-charge them instead of throwing them away and constantly buying new ones Portability i like that its small enought to fit in my purse or pocket even sometime


Shelby, MI


Kodak EasyShare c140 Is Easy To Use


I received the Kodak EasyShare c140 last Christmas because I wanted to upgrade from a 5.0 megapixel EasyShare camera. The c140 was a good price for an 8.2 megapixel camera, came in a great, orange color, and has a large viewing screen. The camera is pretty easy to use, though because the screen stays lit the entire time, the battery life is much less than my previous EasyShare, and I use rechargable batteries. Rechargable batteries are a must because you cannot take a day's worth of pictures on just two standard AAs. I had expected the picture quality to be better, but I find that unless you are taking pictures in optimal lighting conditions, the pictures get grainy. The pictures do look nice when you are in good light though! Forget about the zoom! Everything gets much more grainy. You are able to take video on the c140 too, but once again you have to be in a perfect lighting situation or everything is dark and grainy. I think this camera is easy to use and works great for basic picture taking. It does the job.


Allentown, PA


Nice little camera for the price


The camera came with a memory card, which was a plus. I takes nice photos--easy, point and shoot. I also have a Kodak printer, so it is convenient that I can just insert the memory card into the printer slot. The camera takes clear photos, decent indoor shots. and motion is pretty good, too. It's each to hold, and it comes in several colors so when I'm at a family event, I recognize my red camera. It has a rechargeable battery, and the charge lasts pretty long. I'm actually pretty impressed with the video feature, too. I've taken indoor video that is clear enough to load onto Facebook to share with family/friends. And, unfortunately, I talked while videotaping, and my voice was clear on the video--can't do that! I was talking about something completely different than I was shooting. I definitely would recommend this camera for someone who wants to "point and shoot" or minimal other changes. Seems like I always come back to the "auto" setting, even though there are numerous to choose from.


Granite City, IL


In Love with my Kodak EasyShare Digital Camera


I highly recommend that if you enjoy taking pictures you should definitly purchase a Kodak EasyShare Camera. Not only is it lightweight and compact but it comes in a variety of colors and displays beautiful HD images and has a feature where it can automatically adjust to what ever type of picture image you are taking and has a decent amount of memory space and very affordable. Although the screen size could be a little larger it is still a good camera and good quality and would recommend this camera to anyone who enjoys taking pictures.


Fairburn, GA


The Kodak Easyshare Camera is exactly what I need


When my previous camera suddenly quit working, I started searching for an affordable replacement and ended up with my orange EasyShare C140.  Really cute color!  Being a mother and grandmother, I am what I like to call "an amateur emotional photographer".  I take pictures to document my life experiences with family, friends and events.  I have found this camera to be exactly what I need.  It's as easy as pie to use right out of the box!  Even though I've had it for over six months and taken 100's of pictures, I feel that I still haven't tapped all the potentials of this camera.                                                                                      Even though I tend to be a little shaky at times, I've had to delete only a very few blurred images.  The only reason I gave it only four stars is that it is a little slow between pictures and can't always go as fast as the grandkids can. 


Chattanooga, TN


Great Value


Great value, takes really good pictures if you know how to take advantage of light and shots, for the price and the quality it is pretty unbeatable. I have the aqua one, in the picture it looks brushed but it's just like a cheap coating, HOWEVER it is very durable and does not have a scratch on it!   It is incredibly user friendly, it would make an awesome gift for a first time camera user and the video take and upload is pretty good, I took the camera to a concert and the video was actually WAY better than the pictures.


Melbourne, FL


Kodak EasyShare C140 quality for less


I purchased the Koday EasyShare C140 last year and it was the best thing I've purchased in years. With the EasyShare you can not only take photos, but you can take video, depending on the memory of digital. I original purchased the 2GB card and recently bought a 4GB card my camera now records 75 minutes of video, or I can take over 2100 photos. There are so many extras with this camera, it allows you to shoot pictures without redeye, landscape photos and much more. I would suggest that if you're lookng for a quality camera at a resonable price the Kodak EasyShare C140 is the camera to buy. This camera also has a built in flash allowing you to take photos at night, however you will need a light source if you take video at night.


Saint Louis, MO


Kodak - EasyShare c140 Digital Camera

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