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Kodak - EasyShare Z1085 Digital Camera

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Okay camera


Hi, I had this kodak camera as I was really high on kodak products but boy I was so wrong. I had to buy a different camera as the feature of this camera looked perfect on the paper but actully when I started to use, it was really really bad. First and foremost, whenever I tried to use to take the picture in night, the pcitrue was blurry. I activated auto flash, I deactivated auto flash and tried all option but still the pciture was not perfect. I even selected their special effect option for night pictures and still the picture would come like i was shaking the camera and taking the pciture. It was so frustrating. Other featuerse where pretty common. Also the auto lock option also started to fail evenuatlly. Whenever I swtich on the camera, the lens would not open automatically. I had to open with my hands and then proceed to take the picture. I have stopped using this camrea and bought a canon on with which I really happy

sunnyvale, CA


Small but bad battery life


We loved that this camera was so small and had great film and capabilities in a small camera.  We hated that the camera had a horrible battery life and we felt like the battery was dying every time we turned around.  To replace the battery cost a fortune and was not worth it for how often it died.  My mother had this same camera and had the same problem with hers.

Lexington, KY


Great camera


I received this camera for my birthday last year.  I have really enjoyed using it.  It actually replaced another Kodak easy share camera that i had had for several years.  The camera is light weight, comes with an easy carry case, stylish, takes great pictures, easy to use.  The only negative thing i have to say about the camera  is that sometimes it will get stuck trying to come on or switching to review screen.  It also runs my batteries down fairly quickly.  My picture quality is great,though ...the camera gives you several options for night time or color, etc.  I have always had a Kodak easy share camera and will continue to do so!

Tobaccoville, NC


Love this Camera!


I got this Kodak z1085 is digital camera as a christmas present this past december. I looked around and was trying to decide between this and a sony camera. At first I loved the pictures that it took BUT I was trying to use rechargeable batteries and reg throw away ones. It was horrible. I went through a 30 pack of batteries one weekend that i was in a wedding. I had decieded I had to buy a different one. I wasnt about to spend tons of money on batteries to take only 20 pictures. I went to a camera store and told the man my situation, he advised me to buy a rechargeable kodak Li-Ion battery, up until this point I didnt even know they had these available for my camera. I looked but never found them. It was a little pricey for the battery and the charger I spent over 50.00 BUT now my camera works wonderful!! I couldnt be happier! If you get this camera you MUST have this battery! The pictures turn out so beautiful! This camera has 10 megapixels!! It has tons of features, with sound recording videos, panorama view, landscape, night, beach, fireworks, candlelight, sports, and many more. If you get this camera you wont be disappointed!!!  

Vassar, MI


Kodak - EasyShare Z1085 Digital Camera

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