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Kodak - EasyShare V610 Digital Camera

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Makes great memories!


I bought this camera several years ago.  It is the most wonderful little camera!  I am not that great at photography, but this camera takes the best pics!  I bought it because it has a 10X zoom and is still very small and compact (you can fit it in a back pocket).  I have a daughter and I can take a quick shot from far away.  Speaking of kids, it takes rapid shots.  You don't have to wait for it to adjust and miss a moment.  The pictures have great clarity!  I have taken shots of droplets of water that are amazing!  The rest of my family is very into photography and have much more expensive cameras, but they always end up wanting my photos because I have "all the good shots."  I am not a fan of Easy Share software and I have had issues with it in the past.  That is one of the downfalls of the camera.  I have had my camera for over 3 years and it is just now starting to show small issues.  You must realize that I am not gentle with it.  It is a great camera and takes great shots!

Round Lake, IL


Kodak v610 is a compact, easy to use digital camera.


The Kodak v610 is a great quality, digital camera that is easy to use. There are many features this camera has such as red eye reduction, zoom and in-camera panorama stitching. This camera also provides for easy point and shoot picture taking as well as deleting images right from the device. The original memory card that comes with the camera allows for about 25 pictures to be stored at a time, but it was very easy to be able to find an additional memory card to allow for more files to be retained on the camera when on an extended trip. I would recommend this product for someone who is not an avid photographer but is looking for something easy to use that takes great pictures for family events, vacations or other casual activities. My only concern with this product is that the original power cord was lost and I bought a generic cord that fit, yet the camera did not recharge. So I would recommend keeping track of the original power cord for longer use of this camera.

Chicago, IL


Lets even a novice take great closeups and actions shots.


I researched digital cameras extensively for over a year before buying this digital camera and am very pleased with my Kodak EasyShare V610.  As  a grandmother of two three-year-olds, action shots and the ability to zoom-in from across the room or across the playground are important.  With its dual lens and 10x optical zoom this camera has been exactly what I need.  It has over 20 preset types of settings you can choose for such conditions as bright snow or beach scenes, action photos, fireworks, night landscapes, and candlelight.  You can also adjust all the settings yourself and save them as custom settings, but the preset ones have been perfect for me so far.  I have taken beautiful closeups of my grandkids and of flowers, zoomed in on white tailed deer mingling with wild turkeys in the field, and snapped pictures of gorgeous snow scenes and firework displays, plus all the usual holiday and birthday milestones.  The camera is small, lightweight, recharges rapidly, and has a large (2.8 inch/7.1 cm) high resolution color display screen which is great for my aging eyes.  I am very pleased with this camera after using it for over a year.  I don't have the most steady hands, but have had no problem taking clear pictures even when hurrying to catch  that special moment.  

Gassville, AR


Great camera for close-ups, just be really still!


This camera is great.  It's easy to use once you have read the manual and it takes great pictures.  It has a 10x optical zoom which I love.  The only thing is, you have to be really still.  The only thing I didn't like is the night pictures.  I know it's not a video camera, but I wish you could turn the light on while take video inside.  The video comes out great.  I acutally used the video at Christmas when the battery on the video camera died.  The video turned out just as good as the video camera.  The camera is slim so it can fit into your pocket or purse with no problem.  I don't find myself buying another camera for a long time.

Stockbridge, GA


Kodak - EasyShare V610 Digital Camera

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