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Kodak - EasyShare V603 Digital Camera

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Very happy


I've had this camera for 1 year and so far I've been very happy.  Especially with video quality.  The camera is easy to use with tons of features.  I had a shutter problem and Kodak took care of it no questions asked.  I like the look of it and the size.

San Ramon, CA


The Kodak Easy Share V603 is a great camera for beginners!


This camera is fantastic!  I got this camera a few years ago as my first digital camera ever and I absolutely love it.  I have since moved on to an SLR camera but at times miss the convience and portability that this camera has to offer.  The V603 that I got came in pink and it is absolutely beautiful!  The picture quality is amazing and the large screen is so helpful when taking pictures.  My mother suffers from a disease which makes her hands shake uncontrollibly and she has no problem using this camera either.  I would recommend this camera to anyone looking for an affordable digital camera.  It is great for beginners or for anyone really.  It is small enough to put in your pocket or purse.  Transfering the pictures onto your computer is also a breeze, as the camera comes with it's own Kodak software for ease when uploading.  The camera also has built in features to help make your photos look better.  It also has video!

Emmett, ID


Great first digital camera


 used to have an old HP820 so this is so much better. I think the image quality is great, love the in camera correction and image stabilizer. The screen is bright and big and can be seen in the daylight. The software is easy to use and the battery life is great, I can go at least 2 weeks without charging the battery under normal picture taking conditions, not using it everyday. I highly recommend this camera for the amateur.

Ozark, MO


Kodak - EasyShare V603 Digital Camera

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