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Kodak - EasyShare C703 Digital Camera

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Very easy to use taking sharp clear pictures in all settings.


It is really great to be able to take pictures and download them quickly and easily to our computer.  The possiblities are endless for sending and printing those photos that are the most special.  I love being able to delete a bad photo and not waste anything.  Our Kodak EasyShare C703 was easy to learn to use, takes clear sharp pictures anytime, day or night, close ups or panoramic views.



Sooooo easy to use!


I am thrilled with this camera!  I bought this camera to replace our very outdated 1.3 megapixel Olympus.  I am amazed at the crispness and clarity of the photos!  When it comes to photography, I love snapping candid shots of the kids.  This camera is perfect for that.  There are several picture settings, but the "Auto" setting is my favorite... no thinking... just grab the camera, turn it on and shoot!  The delay (time from button being pushed to picture actually being taken) is much shorter than on our old camera, but could still be better.  Overall, this a fantastic camera for the price!

Sewickley, PA


I have been so pleased with my Kodak Easyshare C703


I first began using a digital camera as part of my job. The company invested in a very expensive digital camera on my behalf. When I left that job and no longer had access to a digital camera, I discovered I had become quite attached to having one. As I began to research digital cameras, I quickly became overwhelmed by all the choices, so I turned to Kodak as a trusted name in cameras. As I was out and about doing my regular shopping in various stores, I would swing by the electronics departments just to get a sense of the various brands, their capabilities and, of course, pricing. One day while doing some Christmas shopping, I ran across the Kodak Easyshare C703 for the lowest sale price I had seen for a name brand digital camera. Without a second thought, I purchased it. That was almost five years ago now, and many, many wonderful photos later, I am still so very pleased with my choice.

Coeur D Alene, ID


Kodak EasyShare camera is OK.


We had the Kodak EasyShare CD33 but wanted to upgrade to a better camera so we got this one.  The screen is bigger and has more megapixels.  When we got this camera 2 years ago right before Christmas and the picture quality was better than our old one.  2 years later I am in search of a new camera and will probably not be purchasing another kodak easyshare.  This camera eats batteries like there is no tomorrow and I think with all the batteries I've bought I could have bought a new camera.  We tried to use recharables in the camera but they would only be good for a few pictures and then that would be it.  Right now we have to take out the batteries when the camera is not in use because I think it may be draining the batteries even when it's off.  The shutter also sticks on it now so you need to make sure it is all the way open before you take your first picture.  I am in the market for a new camera.

Kaukauna, WI


Kodak EasyShare C703 - too basic for a good photo


Have been borrowing this camera from parents-in-law while our (other brand) camera is out of commission for a couple of months.  Be warned.  It is VERY basic and definitely a beginner camera.  Good for a child or young teenager while they get their feet wet.  Or if you need to take a picture in an emergency.  Or for anyone who is a bit scared by digital photos and needs a bit of an introduction ~ although that being said, my mother-in-law is on the internet every day and emailing, opening attachments etc. and this is still a bit too much for her.  Pictures are OK.  Very limited settings.  Good screen for viewing images.  Holds about 24 photos in the internal memory.  After that you will need a memory card.  Decent battery life.   Easy to work out how to delete, review etc.  Self timer easy to use.  To get photos off the camera, you put the camera onto the stand it comes and upload photos to your computer, or you can use a USB cord directly from the camera to the computer.  However, you need software installed for the camera to be 'read' properly.  For example, you can't just upload at a friend's house.  I wouldn't recommend this camera.  I think there are better options out there for beginners or technically challenged, that will take better pictures.

Fayetteville, GA


Great quality pictures and video


Easy to use. Got the bundle, so it came with charging dock. This dock also hooks up to TV so you can view your pictures as a slideshow right on your tv. Had this camera 2 years already with no problems so far. I keep it with me everywhere I go. This camera has a built-in memory that can hold about 24 pictures.  I have a 1GB SD Memory card I use with this camera. The Kodak Easy Share C703 is 7.1 megapixel camera. This is a very good resolution for 8" x 10" photos. They come out very nice. This camera has a 3x optical zoom and a 5x digital zoom to help get your best pictures as close up as you need them. The screen on the back of the camera is approximately 2.5 inches. This makes it very easy to view your pictures. The batteries are rechargable. I still have the same battery it came with and have recharged it many, many times. The batteries last a very long time before they have to be charged. Just a turn of the button on top of the camera and your ready to go.

Cambria, CA


Kodak - EasyShare C703 Digital Camera

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