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Kodak - EasyShare C360 Digital Camera

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I would not at this time recommend any Kodak camera.


I used to love Kodak products. I waited a long time to buy a little digi camera and was so excited when I bought this one. Unfortunately, it was the worst camera I had ever bought. I had to bring it back. My next camera will not be a Kodak. I could not down load pictures to the internet. Frustrating. Image Quality Good quality in camera. Just couldn't load into computer (except for one time) Performance Instructions confusing. Didn't do what they said it would. Ease of Use A royal pain. Battery Life I didn't have it long enough to know...yet it seemed as though they didn't last too long...the camera didn't work and it was NEW.

Port Richey, FL


The ONLY gripe i have is -Why does this camera take AA bateries?


I have had this camera for a loooong time.  It still works great, and that is definitely something that I am impressed by nowadays.  Taking pictures is easy, reviewing pictures is a snap, and downloading on a computer is super fast.  Plus you have a few different options how to download, like the cool little photo dock and printer.  The Only thing that dissapoints me about this camera is the fact that it uses AA batteries (you know, energizer type batteries).  Kodak has special "digital camera AA" you can buy to use in this if you want to spend an arm and a leg.  I have tried aot of batteries in it including LITHium,  but none seem to lase for more that 10 minutes.  Very aggrevating!!!!! Maybe this is my fault for not paying attention when I bought this, But I expected KODAK to be better than that.  I almost never use this camera because I can never find batteries in my house (i swear the kids are battery powered....wouldn't that be nice ;-) ), so I usually end up having to use my husband's camera that has a reusable/rechargeable battery. 

Webb, AL


Good Starter Camera for kids.


This camera is a good starter camera only even for kids.Its great to view and take pics.But the camera lock the chip.That is its only down fall.I would buy it again if I had to do it again.But be warned about the locking of the chip,

Rancho Cordova, CA


Kodak Digital Zoom Camera is easy camera for beginners.


This M30 Digital Kodak camera has  Audio recording .PictBridge support Scene Detection TechnologyUSB 2.0 compatibilityYouTube capture mode, auto power savecamera orientation detection, cropping an image, date and time stamp,digital image rotation,digital image stabilization, direct print, display brightness control and face detection. (For great shots of friends and family, face detection locates faces and automatically adjusts camera settings) Reduce blur caused by camera shake or subject movement or fast action situations to deliver sharper pictures. The camera automatically minimizes the effects of camera shake to deliver a clearer picture. The one attribute I think is essential is the one button upload via share button. **One button upload via Share button **The M380 is part of the KODAK EASYSHARE System, so sharing your pictures is amazingly simple. Just press Share.   I definitely recommend this camera to the inexperienced camera person for a perfect way to enjoy your camera and your pictures.      



I love this camera!


I love my Kodak C360.  I am a huge fan!  The way the thing works and everything.  I have had NO problems with my camera.  This is my first camera ever and I am very happy.  When I got the camera I got it to match my phone.  I have gotten so many compliments on it.  I love the zoom on the thing.  I can take a picture from far off and use my zoom to help see better.  I am an old school black and white photographer.  I like color, but I think color sometimes takes away from the beauty of a black and white photo.  I like having the choice to pick black and white or color.  In fact when I was visiting a relative in Cincinatti where I'm from we took pictures of her for a website.  The black and white photo I took of her came out perfect and I can't wait to get to work on her website where every one can view her arts thanks to the camera.  I have taken well over 400 pictures and have not run out of room on it yet.  Of course, I go through and delete pictures often, but that's the hand of an artist.  Lol.  I like the fact that I can take videos and they turn out pretty darn good.  I've been at karaoke and took a video and when I listened to the recording I could hear the singer and some half pint singer in the back ground doing their thing.  This camera is one of the best out there.

Pensacola, FL


Great beginner and beyond camera!


This Kodak Easy Share C360 camera has been the perfect first camera for our just teenage daughter.  It is very easy to use and takes great pictures!  It can be as simple as setting the camera on AUTO and letting it do all the work to choosing some of the more advanced features, such as portrait, fireworks, sunset, etc.  I must say, we have not noticed as much of a difference when using these advanced features, but the camera takes wonderful pictures on AUTO!  My daughter has been using this camera for several years now and several of the photograghs she has taken with it have won awards at our county fair.  The LCD screen on the back of the camera is large enough that you can see the photographs you have just taken very well.  You can also use the eye viewer to take pictures, if you are more comfortable taking pictures that way.  Software is included with the camera that makes loading the pictures onto our computer very simple and then they can be editted, printed, shared, and saved onto a disc.  The camera is a nice size that is compact and not too bulky, yet is it not so tiny that you are afraid it might get lost.  Overall, we have been very pleased with the quality and capbilities of this camera!

Brownsburg, IN


Kodak Easy Share is a great camera for the everyday user


The Kodak C360 is a great camera for the individual who takes the occasional everyday picture and travel photo.  The camera is very easy to use and figure out.  The smart capture technology also allows for the camera to take great pictures for the technically challenged.  It also though has many options for those who know a great deal about cameras and like to have more input in taking a picture rather than just hitting a button.  The camera is great for the low cost.  It is perfect for anyone who is not looking for a professional camera but still one that takes great photos.  The camera is also very sleek and small, which allows it to be taken anywhere without you noticing it.  It though is very fragile and easily broken if dropped.  The camera is great for vacations.  it is very easy to carry around and has a chargeable battery so you know longer have to carry a million AA batteries with you.  The battery last a long time but if it runs out you are finished until you can recharge it again.  Overall the Kodak C 360 is a great camera for the cost. 

Abington, MA


Kodak - EasyShare C360 Digital Camera

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